It’s a sad day for planet Earth.

Readers can look back on many of my past articles starting with the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings in early 2011, and find that all my predictions, and those of other conscious Americans, have come to fruition.

The election of Mohammad Morsi as the new leader of Egypt is a testimonial to those of us who actually study Islam. All along, we have warned. All along, we have been dismissed. All along, we are eventually proven right.

This was no “Arab Spring” of freedom fighters aglow in seeking democracy, as some would have you believe. This was a power coup carefully planned and brilliantly executed by the Muslim Brotherhood. They did exactly what they set out to do as outlined in their secret documents that have been uncovered by law enforcement investigations over the years. We have had the plans, the information and the raw intelligence, but no one pays attention.

When I bring these facts to the attention of readers, many call me a hater, a bigot, a racist. An Islamophobe. Those are the same folks who know nothing except name-calling. They never bother to actually delve into the truth about that sinister and dangerous organization whose stated objectives are world domination as required by their God. Any intelligent human being can see, if they choose to look. But they don’t.

The President of the United States keeps us focused on the economy as though nothing else in the world matters to America. But it does. It’s like the shell game, look here, don’t look there.

All these major events emanating from the middle east will one day impact America in a very big way, not only economically, but culturally. It is absolutely inevitable. The president knows that. Believe me, he knows that. No president has ever been in closer touch with the Islamic world than Barack Obama. Even he will tell you that.

The Muslim Brotherhood got exactly what they wanted from our president when he called for the removal of Hosni Mubarak, our ally and Israel’s ally. Our president fell perfectly into the hands of the Brotherhood, whether naive or deliberate.

The Brotherhood is an unwavering non-secular, hard-core Islamist organization whose purpose for being is to spread hard-core Islam throughout the world, including the west. Now that the largest of Islamic countries will have been thoroughly radicalized, the rest will fall like dominos. The seeds of the Muslim Brotherhood have already been sown in Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria and other Arab lands. And, in time, their long range stated goals of establishing Islamic caliphates all over the world — including here — will have been achieved, while we all stood by scratching our butts.

This is reminiscent of early 1932-33 in Germany, when “democracy” took over a country to the joys and thrills of so many people wearing rose-colored glasses, believing what they wished to believe, rather than seeing the truth in front of their noses. Adolf Hitler was also elected in a democratic process, as was Hamas, and Iran’s Ahmadinejad. Part of Hitler’s rise was due to a very effective propaganda machine, orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels.

The Muslim Brotherhood also has a huge and powerful propaganda machine. They even got our own inept intelligence chief, James Clapper, to call them a largely “secular” organization, when, in fact, he and the rest of the world know better. The Brotherhood loved that one. Anyone remember Neville Chamberlain?

When firmly in power, the Nazis began their move across other nations in the quest for world domination, lying along the way and making people believe they weren’t so terrible. There were even Jews who thought the German economy would thrive under Hitler. Some even voted for him, anti-Semitism be damned. After all, Jews have lived with anti-Semitism for 4,000 years. No big deal. It’s the economy that mattered.

Think hard on that one.

This is 1933, only 80 years later. The Muslim Brotherhood is equivalent to the Nazi Party of Islam. It is a dangerous, fascist and cold-blooded ideology. What differs from Nazism are two elements:

1. Religion. The Brotherhood base their global cause as a calling from Allah.

2. Stealth. The Nazis were obvious. With the Brown Shirts and the Gestapo, they made little secret of who and what they were when they seized power of Germany. The Muslim Brotherhood have no uniforms, no marching soldiers. Their success relies a great deal on subversion, infiltration and deceit, especially in western civilizations.

“Deceit” is mentioned as a strategy for world conquest in the Muslim Brotherhood-authored documents recovered hidden by Swiss Police in 2001. Taqiyya is an Islamic term which permits radical Muslims to lie and deceive if it furthers the cause of advancing Islam. When Mohammad Corsi was asked on CNN if he would still honor the treaties between Israel and Egypt, he said, “Yes, of course.”

That’s Taqiyya. He’s lying. Egypt will gradually erode the Israeli peace treaty, blaming Israel for concocted violations, so he can continue receiving $1.5 billion a year in aid from the United States.

So here we are.

I wonder if the middle east uprisings would have ever occurred if the United States had a president – and international leader – in the likes of Kennedy, Eisenhower or Reagan.

It is my fervent belief that the “Arab Spring” uprisings would never have occurred if it were not for being emboldened by the support of Barack Obama. For certain, the Muslim Brotherhood was not going to wait until November, in the event he would be unelected.

The timing was perfect.

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