There are gaffes, and then there are gaffes.

Every president has made them. But none so consequential to the future of Americans as we have learned from one recent Obama blunder.

The president has joked and made light of his open mike comments to Sergey Medvedev , the president of Russia, where he leaned over and quietly stated: “This is my last election. After the election, I will have more flexibility.”

Obama apologists will tell us that we’re making a big deal out of nothing. That’s incorrect. This is a REALLY big deal, for a number of reasons. Let’s analyze the entire event in context.

Obama was in South Korea taking part in a global nuclear summit with other world leaders. One might ask, is this the only opportunity that Obama had to talk to the Russian leader? Did they not have time for discussions where he could have imparted these comments in private? Or was the photo op media event the only time he had with Medvedev? If so, what was he doing there besides having his pictures taken?

Obama has been in the national and international limelight on a daily basis for the last four years. One would think that this “brilliant” fellow would have mastered the art of whispering outside of earshot from high-tech microphones by now, or perhaps, whisper nothing at all. Saying such a thing in the presence of the world media masters, if nothing else, showed poor judgment.

The most important question: What does this mean? “More flexibility after the election?” It begs a zillion more questions that the gentle media fails to ask:

A.  How is “flexibility” defined in terms of missile defense for Europe, Israel, Iran and the U.S.? Why hasn’t the media asked him “flexibility about what?”

B. What is the president hiding from the American people that he doesn’t want us to know until after November 6th?  What will Russia get then that they cannot have now.

C.  Obviously this comment was to the delight of the Russian president which, in turn, may not be to the delight of russia’s adversaries. Russia’s adversaries have historically been our allies. Hmm.

D.  What else will Obama have more flexibility with after he’s locked in for another four years without having to run again? How much more flexibible will he be with installing sanctions and executive orders to propagate a more hard-core socialist agenda? How many more associates of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood will be employed within our government in highly sensitive positions?  How many more liberties with the president take with executive orders that by-pass the congress and the constitution? How much more will he capitulate to Israel’s enemies?

 E.  What is this “transparent” president hiding? Telling a leader of another nation that he will do other things once re-elected that he cannot do today, is the same as telling that leader he must be dishonest…for now. Isn’t that obvious, folks?

This is a significant chunk of evidence, inadvertently blathered from the president’s own mouth and unintended for public awareness. It should have been dissected and debated in detail by the watchdog media. But, as usual, Obama is the golden boy who can do no wrong. The left-leaning newspapers and news networks pass it off as an innocent gaffe to make light of.

“Flexibilty.”  It was a small word, with a huge message.

It is a testimony to deceit

America, take heed.

Barack Obama in open microphone gaffe with Dmitry Medvedev – YouTube

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