Much ado is being made out of the Bin Laden killing a year ago, now transformed into political mileage for President Obama. This, and the fact that Mitt Romney is guilty of being rich, seems to be the main issues for the Obama camp to convince voters he – and not Romney – should be president for another four years, without any more accountability to voters.

From all accounts that have been leaked, the president taking credit for a “gutsy” call in killing Osama Bin Laden is a bit of a stretch.

Before going into the details of the actual raid, let’s step back for one second and reflect on the alternatives that the president faced.

Assuming it all went according to the information released by the White House and Obama’s political team, that he made the “gutsy call.” Did anyone ever ask: What was his option? What would have been the fallout if the CIA and the SEALS informed him that Bin Laden was cornered, and he decided not to give the order to go in? It would have been political suicide.

In other words, he had no choice.

So much for “gutsy.”

But, there appears to be much more to the story than what “Obama Team” would have you believe.

According to White House insiders in the know, which is supported by Leon Panetta’s own memorandum of record obtained by Time Magazine, the “operational decision-making and control” was in the hands of Admiral William McRaven, a former navy SEAL. Furthermore, Obama was waffling on the call to take out Bin Laden while his trusted advisor, Valerie Jarrett was urging him to back off.

All indications point to Panetta and McRaven as having forged the raid and the killing, but to ensure that Obama would be given the political credit.

We might also ask whose gutsy call it was to treat the body of Osama Bin Laden with the respect we would treat Mahatma Ghandi, rushing him off to a U.S. warship for an elaborate and respectful Islamic burial at sea. That’s like saluting Adolf Hitler’s corpse at the bunker in Berlin.

Frankly speaking, I’m one writer who has reservations about seeking out and assassinating our enemies when capturing, interrogating and gleaning information from them would be far more valuable in saving American lives by gathering intelligence. Then again, our government is no longer interested in intelligence.

Regardless, Obama would do well to stop thumping his chest in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The American people are too well informed to believe it was anything close to a “gutsy” call.

He had no choice.

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