Now that much of the dust has settled and the hard evidence of the Trayvon Martin shooting story has come to light, it would appear that the news media and the race baiters had it all wrong from the get-go. Shame on Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and all the print media who were chomping at the bit to cover another race riot. Shame on Al Sharpton and all his followers that blindly follow anyone who screams “Racist!”

Has anyone heard any acknowledgments by these so-called professional, neutral reporters? Any apologies for screwing it up? Any admissions of guilt?

No. They haven’t courage to admit making a mistake.

What has emerged is the irony that the alleged good guy was actually the bad guy, and the alleged bad guy was actually the good guy. Here’s what we have learned since much of the evidence has been released.

1) There was a rush to judgement by race baiters, who were dead wrong claiming that this was a case of racism and murder.

2) Media sensationalism reported conjecture and false information to stir up the fires of disorder.

3) The real “bad guy” here was Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old kid on suspension from school, who walked, talked and acted suspicious, and who was found to have drugs in his system and stolen jewelry and a screw driver in his book bag.

4) The real “good guy” here was George Zimmerman who had been acting as the neighborhood watchman for years, assigned by his community to report suspicious behavior to police in order to protect his residential community from criminal activity.

5) Zimmerman has a history of non-racist behavior, helping African-American kids as a mentor, and enjoying friends and family of all races.

6) Physical evidence and witnesses corroborate the statements of George Zimmerman that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin — not the other way around – and then pummeled on the ground with punches to the face and head by a strong young man much bigger and stronger than he.

Somewhere in that encounter, Zimmerman pulled the gun from his holster/belt and fired. One bullet killed Martin.

If some big kid was on top of me whomping my face with his fists while I had a gun, I would also have fired to protect myself from any more harm. Then, I’d answer questions later — as a living person. No jury will ever convict George Zimmerman.

7) Following someone you think is suspicious is not a crime. That’s all that Zimmerman did.

8) State Attorney, Angela Corey, wrongfully charged Zimmerman with 2nd Degree Murder in order to pacify the black community and the rabid media. She certainly didn’t follow the evidence or the law. This is the conclusion reached also reached by Alan Dershowitz, famed lawyer and Harvard professor. Ms. Corey certainly knew of the exculpatory evidence showing that Zimmerman was under attack at the time of the shooting, and that charges of 2nd Degree Murder were not only unrealistic, they were totally unprovable.

9) The New Black Panthers have issued dire threats to George Zimmerman and his family, which put them all — innocent people — in fear for their lives. No one from the U.S. Government, including the president, came out to condemn the New Black Panthers for this hideous and life threatening act, yet investigate them for committing hate crimes.

(Barack Obama was supported by the New Black Panthers prior to his election. He spoke at their rallies. He also allowed the charges of voter intimidation against the New Black Panthers in the 2008 election to be dropped, without explanation. That may answer some of those questions)

Prediction: Look for Zimmerman’s attorney to file a motion to dismiss charges, which will be granted by the judge for lack of evidence to support the charges. State Attorney Angela Corey’s career will be shortened.

Meanwhile, reporters from the news stations and print media will bury that story and put their tails between their legs, knowing they committed wrongful acts as well, jumping to conclusions before the facts were known.

Times have changed in the United States. The old cries of “racism” are growing stale and worn thin. Radical Islamists are taught to scream “racist” every time they are confronted by authorities…even if race played no part in the confrontation. It’s the “in” thing. Scream race.

Al Sharpton, a racist who has wrongfully accused others of racism throughout his past, has been hired as a commentator by MSNBC.

What does that tell you?

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