Imagine, Cuba firing rockets and mortars into Key West and Miami, daily, with the intent on killing Americans. What would we do?

     Imagine, India firing missiles into Pakistan, or Japan attacking North Korea, intending to kill civilians. What would they do?

     We all know the answers.

     Self defense and war declarations apply to all nations of the world, except Israel.

     Since 2001, more than 12,100 rockets and mortars have been fired by Palestinians from Gaza into Israeli land, not only to kill, but to disrupt their lives and inflict damage upon the country. That has resulted in at least thirty-one innocent civilians killed and many hundreds injured. This doesn’t include the thousands of rockets that have been fired on northern Israel by Hezbollah operatives of Iran. The citizens of Israel live in a state of fear and paranoia every day of their lives. These are overt acts of war perpetrated by one side over another. Ho hum. After all, it’s only Israel.

     It’s still going on.

     This mortal enemy of Israel has unambiguously declared that Israel has no right to exist and that their basic credo is the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state. Hamas’ manifesto clearly states they will never recognize nor negotiate withIsrael.

     Meanwhile, our president has spoken out. But on whose behalf?

     He has openly denounced Israel’s wish to build additional housing in East Jerusalem, thus siding with the Palestinian cause.

     The president has openly called for Israel to withdraw its borders to pre-1967 lines, which would be national suicide. He knows that. We all know that.

     The rockets keep coming. Yet, he sides with the Palestinian cause.

     Whose side is he on?

     In complete disregard of the constitution and ignoring congress which had frozen foreign aid funding to the Palestinians, Obama recently signed an executive order releasing $147 million in aid to Palestinians for infrastructure, health and education. Sure…we all know what’s included in infrastructure when Hamas gets their hands on the money.         

     That’s American taxpayer money, being sent to a hate-based government that is waging a deadly war against our ally…and we’re sending them aid?

     Meanwhile, apologists for the president and the mainstream media continue the Obama love affair, completely disregarding — or not even mentioning – what is happening to Israel.

     Has anyone stepped back to analyze Obama’s stance on this issue, not by what he says, but by what he does and does not do?

     We send drone aircrafts into other nations to assassinate individual terrorists, but do nothing to stem the assault on our ally.

     We send military might to Libya to help them overthrow a government, even if it means assisting in the killing of Muammar Ghadaffi, but we do nothing to stem the assault on our ally.

     We call for the removal of Egypt’s president who had kept his bargain in honoring a peace treaty with Israel, to the delight of the Muslim Brotherhood who is intent onIsrael’s destruction. Now, that treaty is all but defunct.

     Those Palestinian phone banks raising money for Obama’s election in 2008 must have had its rewards.

     Here is what we should hear from a true American president:

     1 – All aggression and assaults on Israel by Palestinians or any other regional power must cease immediately, or the United States will not promote or engage in any peace talks.

     2 – All foreign aid to Palestinian governments will be withheld until a peace treaty is negotiated and signed by all sides.

     3  — Palestinians must formally acknowledge the right of Israel to exist.

     4 —  Any further attacks on our ally, Israel, will be seen as an attack on the United States.

     5  –  Once these actions are complied with, negotiations for a separate Palestinian state would be feasible, providing the government of Israel agrees.

     Don’t hold your breath.

     Remember Barack Obama’s own words to the Russian president: “After the election I will have more flexibility.”

     To do what?

     The following link is a 15 minute speech by Dinesh D’Souza, president of King’s College, as he enlightens us about the world of Barack Obama. It’s worth the time:

     Here’s a short video taken by an Israeli citizen during rocket attacks into his community:

     בא במייל -ככה להיות תחת ירי – רקטות על אשדוד

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