Shortly after the Trayvon Martin killing became viral over every news station in America, Shepard Smith of Fox News was screaming into the camera: “He shot and killed this unarmed little boy!”

He was one of many journalists getting their jollies watching America pucker at the threat of an angry black populace. Photographs were plastered all over news channels showing Martin as a 13 year-old child and George Zimmerman, the alleged shooter, as a scruffy ruffian, supposedly 250 pounds. None of this was true, but the irresponsible media will never be held to account for their unprofessional conduct.

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, and every major newspaper in America has been stoking the flames of racial hatred by playing this up as a racist killing, inciting the likes of the most racist of all, Al Sharpton, and his sheep to pump fists in every street in America, successfully calling for the removal of a professional police chief who has done more for his country in one day, than Al Sharpton has done in his lifetime.

That little boy was 6’3″ and a tough kid from the hood. That shooter was about 5’9″ and out of shape.

People are stoked into believing it’s all about racism, that a racist bigot chased after a kid because he was black, and shot him because he was black. What’s most disgusting, is the most respected and richest blacks in America fell into this same trap, like Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey, shooting off their mouths when they do not have all the evidence and the facts before them. Rather than rationality, they show their political might by demanding action that might not, or cannot, be legally plausible.

Barack Obama (who I hesitate to call “president” ) weighs in saying that Martin would look like his son, if he had a son. What was that supposed to accomplish? That it’s more tragic to be killed if you are black than if you are white?

I have seen these kinds of scenarios before, where the irate radical black community threatens a community with vengeance, but using the vernacular “justice” as justification. If the justice system doesn’t lean their way, then they will punish those in the system by rioting and killing innocent people in the city streets of America.

It happened in L.A. It happened in Miami. I remember it well. I was there. The plans were already in place before the riots ever started. It was not spontaneous, and neither is this.

Shame on black America for not standing up to the lies. Shame on the mainstream news media for fanning the flames with irresponsible reporting. Shame on the ignorant Americans who fall for the propaganda, allowing themselves to be led like a herd of cattle.

If one death results in any city street in America as a result of this case, it will not be because of George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin, it will be because of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, FOX, CBS, ABC and the blood thirsty news media that thrives on burning cities and innocent dead people. Don’t tell me I am on a rant, I have seen this happen in the bowels of Miami with a similar scenario, building up exactly like this is being built up.

Fact is, George Zimmerman has been tried and convicted in the media, and by the people of America, without knowing all the facts.

The following You Tube is the best I’ve seen. Whoever made this video could work for me anytime in homicide or any other investigative assignment because he analyzes carefully, without his emotions carrying him into fantasyland.

You watch. You be the judge. Then start judging the mainstream media and their minions.

We not only need a change in Washington, we need a change in the incompetent people who are filtering information to the general public.

George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin Tragedy, looking at the primary evidence. – YouTube

This man was doing what he had been doing for years, helping to protect his community. Maybe he screwed up, but this is not a bad person. Every account indicates he had stopped following Martin, and then Martin came after him. We may never know for sure. But there are witnesses who support the Zimmerman side of the story.

I am sure the media has been out to the neighborhoods interviewing residents about Mr. Zimmerman. We’ve heard little about this. Could it be that people were actually saying good things about George Zimmerman and the media chose not to run with that part of the story?

We don’t know what we’re not informed of, do we?

Fact: We don’t know the trajectory of the bullet that struck Martin, nor the distance, range, contact, etc.

Fact: We don’t know where Zimmerman retrieved the gun from. His pocket? His belt? Was it in his hand?

Fact: We don’t know the real reason why Zimmerman has not been charged, but a clear listen to the video and audio recordings provides plenty of doubt about Zimmerman’s guilt.

That same doubt is what concerns the State Attorney’s Office before rushing to judgement in charging Zimmerman with a crime, that he may not be guilty of.

So, folks, hold on to your hats. This is going to be a bumpy ride, and it won’t be over when the Grand Jury comes back with a decision, and it certainly won’t be over if and when Zimmerman is acquitted, which is a near certainty…should he be charged.

This case is most tragic indeed. But not for the reasons the media would have you believe.