In May of 1980, five Miami-Dade police officers were acquitted of murdering an unarmed black motorcyclist. Miami went up in flames for three days. The black community, in particular, suffered mega-millions in property damage, while 18 innocent people were murdered, (and hundreds injured) most of them for no other reason than because they were white. Some were dragged from their cars and mutilated before being pounded to death. One had his tongue cut out.

Detectives called in to Liberty City to investigate those murders needed a squad of armed guards, rapidly shuffling bodies to the morgue before any crime scene investigation could be initiated.

Police headquarters was under siege. Private cars, some owned by police officers, were rolled over and burned. It was many hours and a thousand cops later, into the wee hours of the early morning of May 18th before some degree of order was restored. Black people of Liberty City wept over losing their businesses and homes. White people crowded emergency rooms waiting to hear if their loved one was going to live or die. The morgue trays were full of people who did nothing wrong but try to get home from work using their daily route, unsuspecting how deadly it would be.

Fear infected everyone, including me. I was there…captain of homicide. I was trying to reach my headquarters office at 7:15 p.m., but found the streets burning, black men running everywhere in the dark with torches. As I exited the off-ramp, a black man stood at the roadway frantically pleading with me, and others, to turn around. “Don’t go there!” he screamed trying to save my life. He was a brave Samaritan, indeed. It was the worst night of my 30-year police career.

How did all happen? Deja vu. The same way it is happening today with the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco. And I am again afraid for the innocent people of America. They don’t deserve this, white or black.

Civil disturbances of this nature are not spontaneous, though the media would have you think that. They are long calculated and carefully plotted in the homes and apartments of hate mongers who know how to provoke youths in the streets and create havoc. I guarantee, they are being plotted right now.

The stage is being set. The posturing is pervasive in four corners of the nation. Black hate groups, like the New Black Panthers, are issuing bounties and threats of violence, promising to create hell on earth if they don’t get their way. They are committing hate crimes, but that’s okay, they are the New Black Panthers, immune from the justice system, much like they were immunized from prosecution in the 2008 elections when they menaced the voting polls in Philadelphia. Charges dropped, a la Eric Holder. No explanation.

Racist leaders like Al Sharpton are leading the protesters into a riotous mentality, spewing madness, issuing threats, pumping the adrenalin of hatred. All this, while all the facts are still unreleased. Meanwhile, the mainstream media plays into the scenario by second guessing police and prosecutors, deliberately portraying the victim as a child victim of racism and the shooter as a racist ogre. MSNBC patches sound bites of phone conversations together to enhance the outrage and further portray the shooter as a racist. All this accomplishes nothing other than to stimulate the inevitable; Death and destruction.

Since the time of the Trayvon killing, there have been several murders around the country where the victims were white and the perpetrators happened to be black. Where is Al Sharpton — who now hosts shows on MSNBC — and Jesse Jackson on those killings? Do interracial murders qualify as “hate crime” only if the victim is black?

If the evidence was clear that Zimmerman had committed a prosecutable crime, he would certainly have been charged by now, particularly considering the volatile nature of this case.

Where is the message from the president? Why is he not before his array of cameras making an impassioned speech to his minority constituency, “Let cool heads prevail. Don’t jump to conclusions. Do not resort to any form of violence. It will accomplish nothing that’s good.” We’re still waiting.

So when cities are burned, tongues are cut out, and the people of Sanford or Miami or Chicago are dragged from their vehicles, don’t blame George Zimmerman. Blame the purveyors of hate and disorder. That can be shared by the likes of Al Sharpton, certain members of an irresponsible media, the New Black Panthers and a government leadership that’s doing nothing to quell the insanity.

Deja vu. But we never learn.

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