If all black folks were like Al Sharpton, I would be a racist. That’s because I despise racists as much as he says he does. The prevailing slant these days, is that racism against black people is abominable, while racism against white people is excusable. Talk about double standards.

     That forges better race relations?

    Any national news network that employed white supremacist David Duke as a reputable commentator would be categorically excoriated. Advertisers would pull out. The mere thought of it is sickening, that someone with a history of extreme, unapologetic racial bias would be hired on to work as a commentator on a national news network.

     Yet, MSNBC is employing Al Sharpton as a commentator, giving him credibility and influence as a national reporter.

     MSNBC is the same network that cut and pasted the audio of George Zimmerman’s phone conversation with police, to deliberately make it appear he was following Trayvon Martin only because he was black. That has since been disproven. Such despicable action was carried out for no other reason than to sensationalize and pique the angry populace against George Zimmerman, facts be damned.

     Much of the national uproar about the Travon Martin killing is due to the leadership of Al Sharpton who, not unlike past errors, rushed to judgment before he had all the facts at hand. Al Sharpton and his cronies now have black America titillated to the verge of civil disorder if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of the case, aided and abetted by biased media such as MSNBC who continue to display pictures of Trayvon when he was a smaller boy and portraying Zimmerman as a monster racist. We know now, that both scenarios are untrue.

     Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. The state’s case against George Zimmerman will likely result in acquittal in trial, if the judge doesn’t throw out the charges first. Zimmerman has blacks in his family and has mentored disadvantaged black children. Racist?  I don’t think so.

     Here’s a little background on Mr. Sharpton, for those out of the know.

     Primarily a fire and brimstone preacher, he first rose to national prominence in 1987 when Tawana Brawley, a teenage black girl from Wappingers, New York, claimed she had been brutally raped by six white men. Sharpton took the information and ran with it as a race-based crime, demanding justice against the white boys for assaulting black Tawana. The case rambled into national news, until police finally weeded through all the evidence and learned that it was all completely untrue.

     All Sharpton cared about was race and stirring the media into a frenzy.

     Never mind, that the overwhelming majority of rapes on black girls are committed by black males.  Never mind that rapes of black girls by white males are very rare, while rapes of white girls by blacks are far more common.

     In my hey day as a detective, I comprised such statistics in Dade County. In my seven years of being a lead investigator in reports of rape, I handled more than four hundred, but only one where the victim was black and the suspect white. 

     Sharpton is a spitfire of race-baiting rhetoric who should not be worth one line of newsprint in any reputable journal. In the Trayvon Martin killing, the rush to judgment had the media and every person in America thinking that Zimmerman was a racist fire-breathing bully and Martin a helpless innocent little boy.

     We’ve since learned the truth, but Sharpton and MSNBC haven’t the integrity to admit they made a mistake. The notorious New Black Panther Party has issued a bounty and death threats for Zimmerman, yet nary a word is mentioned about that in the media. The New Black Panthers are the same group that was exonerated by the Obama administration for intimidating white people at a polling place in 2008, a clear violation of federal law…except in the eyes of Eric Holder.

     If the KKK issued death threats against any black man for any reason, it would be national headlines. Rightfully so.

     So, the double standard seems to apply. Black people in the south were slaves two hundred ago, so blacks like the New Panthers are supposed to get a free pass to issue threats, accuse whites, and stir communities into violent frenzies? And we are supposed to sit back and cower to the likes of race-baiters like Al Sharpton.

     Something wrong there.

     Yet, he gets everything he asks for.    

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