The attorney for Barack Obama, in a New Jersey Courtroom, has argued that the birth certificate produced in 2011 alleging to be an authentic document, is irrelevant to his qualifications to be president.

     Many forensic examiners of that birth certificate have declared it to be a forgery, for a myriad of reasons. Those findings are shared by Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio which also revealed grave doubts about its authenticity.

     Some folks don’t want to hear any more about the “birther” issue. Eyes roll “oh no, not again” as blind followers of Obama cannot and will not accept reality. But they should pay close attention.

     Neither will you see this information in the mainstream media – not yet anyway – as pundits and reporters meander along the campaign trail portraying Obama as a legitimate candidate discussing nothing but economic issues, and completely disregarding the propensity of evidence that he is not, and ever has been, eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.

     Why is this important? Because it would be a clear and deliberate violation of the U.S. Constitution, which cannot and should never be treated as trash.  It also tells much about the man and what lengths he will resort to for this enormous position of power inside the U.S. government, for whatever the motive, and that he is unequivocally dishonest and not to be trusted. Our national security may be at risk.

     Did it ever occur to any of the Obama supporters, that if the genuine birth certificate was so easily released in May of 2011, why hadn’t he done so anytime during the three long years when the controversy raged on. And, why did he spend over a million dollars on legal fees fighting to prevent the release of that document?

     Answer: Because it never existed in the first place.

     Qualifications for president in the U.S. Constitution were written specifically to ensure that any person holding the highest office in the land, would never have divided loyalties, or even the perception of same, that he/she was a true, one-hundred percent American, that America and its constitution, and its people, come first before all others in the world.

     As we have watched Mr. Obama pander to outside global interests, particularly the Islamic world, it is apparent that divided loyalties certainly do exist. He has loyalties to Kenya. He had loyalties to Indonesia. He and his cabinet and his upper military staff, have acquiesced to the United Nations and international law as superseding the law in the U. S.Constitution. Such is the case with decisions to use military force in foreign lands without ever consulting congress, yet getting approval. See the video link below, as Obama’s Secretary of Defense ineloquently dodges questions about violating constitution when questioned by congress about who authorizes going to war.

     Then , there is the question of engaging in assassination of U.S.citizens, however criminal, in foreign lands. Many governments have likely engaged in such activity in clandestine ways, but never have I ever heard of a president authorizing an assassination in a foreign country.

     Can’t anyone see what is happening here?

     Incredibly as it sounds, we have a president who has signed into law, a National Defense Authorization Act which gives unprecedented power to Obama and theU.S.government in arbitrarily deciding who is and is not a threat to the nation, with authority to detain and jail American citizens indefinitely without hearings or Habeas Corpus.  (Check out the link, below) I am often at odds with the ACLU, but they are absolutely correct in their opposition to Barack Obama on this one.

     Where’s the outrage? Where’s the condemnation from the media?

     Politics aside, never before in our nation’s history, has the validity of a presidency been so deeply doubted by so many. (that includes many democrats and independents, as well as republicans) This doesn’t even address the issue of his social security number, his selective service status, his absence of transparency concerning his college records, and so on.

     Now, questions are eking out once more concerning the fraudulent birth certificate, which will eventually and rightfully rise to the surface. It isn’t going away, because the issue is simply unresolved.

     Mr. Obama would serve this country and his party well, to withdraw his nomination from the ballot for president within the next few weeks, giving the Democrats enough time to muster a new candidate before election time. That way, he can resign a la Richard Nixon with a smooth transition of power, leaving the helm to Joe Biden, an undisputed American. Otherwise, it appears inevitable that a constitutional crisis will loom down the road. Being deemed ineligible, every decision Obama has made, every appointment and every law signed by this president will be rendered null and void, plummeting the United States into a pit of legal entanglements and crises from which we may not recover.

     It’s only a matter of time. Sure, we have to focus on economy and national security issues, but those issues will all be trumped like an elephant walking on an ant, if impeachment charges reveal that Mr. Obama was never legal to begin with. Millions of “birthers” who are intelligent, taxpaying Americans already believe that.

     A national trauma of unprecedented proportions might be salvaged, if Obama drops out now.

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