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     If all black folks were like Al Sharpton, I would be a racist. That’s because I despise racists as much as he says he does. The prevailing slant these days, is that racism against black people is abominable, while racism against white people is excusable. Talk about double standards.

     That forges better race relations?

    Any national news network that employed white supremacist David Duke as a reputable commentator would be categorically excoriated. Advertisers would pull out. The mere thought of it is sickening, that someone with a history of extreme, unapologetic racial bias would be hired on to work as a commentator on a national news network.

     Yet, MSNBC is employing Al Sharpton as a commentator, giving him credibility and influence as a national reporter.

     MSNBC is the same network that cut and pasted the audio of George Zimmerman’s phone conversation with police, to deliberately make it appear he was following Trayvon Martin only because he was black. That has since been disproven. Such despicable action was carried out for no other reason than to sensationalize and pique the angry populace against George Zimmerman, facts be damned.

     Much of the national uproar about the Travon Martin killing is due to the leadership of Al Sharpton who, not unlike past errors, rushed to judgment before he had all the facts at hand. Al Sharpton and his cronies now have black America titillated to the verge of civil disorder if they are dissatisfied with the outcome of the case, aided and abetted by biased media such as MSNBC who continue to display pictures of Trayvon when he was a smaller boy and portraying Zimmerman as a monster racist. We know now, that both scenarios are untrue.

     Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride. The state’s case against George Zimmerman will likely result in acquittal in trial, if the judge doesn’t throw out the charges first. Zimmerman has blacks in his family and has mentored disadvantaged black children. Racist?  I don’t think so.

     Here’s a little background on Mr. Sharpton, for those out of the know.

     Primarily a fire and brimstone preacher, he first rose to national prominence in 1987 when Tawana Brawley, a teenage black girl from Wappingers, New York, claimed she had been brutally raped by six white men. Sharpton took the information and ran with it as a race-based crime, demanding justice against the white boys for assaulting black Tawana. The case rambled into national news, until police finally weeded through all the evidence and learned that it was all completely untrue.

     All Sharpton cared about was race and stirring the media into a frenzy.

     Never mind, that the overwhelming majority of rapes on black girls are committed by black males.  Never mind that rapes of black girls by white males are very rare, while rapes of white girls by blacks are far more common.

     In my hey day as a detective, I comprised such statistics in Dade County. In my seven years of being a lead investigator in reports of rape, I handled more than four hundred, but only one where the victim was black and the suspect white. 

     Sharpton is a spitfire of race-baiting rhetoric who should not be worth one line of newsprint in any reputable journal. In the Trayvon Martin killing, the rush to judgment had the media and every person in America thinking that Zimmerman was a racist fire-breathing bully and Martin a helpless innocent little boy.

     We’ve since learned the truth, but Sharpton and MSNBC haven’t the integrity to admit they made a mistake. The notorious New Black Panther Party has issued a bounty and death threats for Zimmerman, yet nary a word is mentioned about that in the media. The New Black Panthers are the same group that was exonerated by the Obama administration for intimidating white people at a polling place in 2008, a clear violation of federal law…except in the eyes of Eric Holder.

     If the KKK issued death threats against any black man for any reason, it would be national headlines. Rightfully so.

     So, the double standard seems to apply. Black people in the south were slaves two hundred ago, so blacks like the New Panthers are supposed to get a free pass to issue threats, accuse whites, and stir communities into violent frenzies? And we are supposed to sit back and cower to the likes of race-baiters like Al Sharpton.

     Something wrong there.

     Yet, he gets everything he asks for.    

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29. The Tawana Brawley Hoax


     The attorney for Barack Obama, in a New Jersey Courtroom, has argued that the birth certificate produced in 2011 alleging to be an authentic document, is irrelevant to his qualifications to be president.

     Many forensic examiners of that birth certificate have declared it to be a forgery, for a myriad of reasons. Those findings are shared by Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio which also revealed grave doubts about its authenticity.

     Some folks don’t want to hear any more about the “birther” issue. Eyes roll “oh no, not again” as blind followers of Obama cannot and will not accept reality. But they should pay close attention.

     Neither will you see this information in the mainstream media – not yet anyway – as pundits and reporters meander along the campaign trail portraying Obama as a legitimate candidate discussing nothing but economic issues, and completely disregarding the propensity of evidence that he is not, and ever has been, eligible to hold the office of President of the United States.

     Why is this important? Because it would be a clear and deliberate violation of the U.S. Constitution, which cannot and should never be treated as trash.  It also tells much about the man and what lengths he will resort to for this enormous position of power inside the U.S. government, for whatever the motive, and that he is unequivocally dishonest and not to be trusted. Our national security may be at risk.

     Did it ever occur to any of the Obama supporters, that if the genuine birth certificate was so easily released in May of 2011, why hadn’t he done so anytime during the three long years when the controversy raged on. And, why did he spend over a million dollars on legal fees fighting to prevent the release of that document?

     Answer: Because it never existed in the first place.

     Qualifications for president in the U.S. Constitution were written specifically to ensure that any person holding the highest office in the land, would never have divided loyalties, or even the perception of same, that he/she was a true, one-hundred percent American, that America and its constitution, and its people, come first before all others in the world.

     As we have watched Mr. Obama pander to outside global interests, particularly the Islamic world, it is apparent that divided loyalties certainly do exist. He has loyalties to Kenya. He had loyalties to Indonesia. He and his cabinet and his upper military staff, have acquiesced to the United Nations and international law as superseding the law in the U. S.Constitution. Such is the case with decisions to use military force in foreign lands without ever consulting congress, yet getting approval. See the video link below, as Obama’s Secretary of Defense ineloquently dodges questions about violating constitution when questioned by congress about who authorizes going to war.

     Then , there is the question of engaging in assassination of U.S.citizens, however criminal, in foreign lands. Many governments have likely engaged in such activity in clandestine ways, but never have I ever heard of a president authorizing an assassination in a foreign country.

     Can’t anyone see what is happening here?

     Incredibly as it sounds, we have a president who has signed into law, a National Defense Authorization Act which gives unprecedented power to Obama and theU.S.government in arbitrarily deciding who is and is not a threat to the nation, with authority to detain and jail American citizens indefinitely without hearings or Habeas Corpus.  (Check out the link, below) I am often at odds with the ACLU, but they are absolutely correct in their opposition to Barack Obama on this one.

     Where’s the outrage? Where’s the condemnation from the media?

     Politics aside, never before in our nation’s history, has the validity of a presidency been so deeply doubted by so many. (that includes many democrats and independents, as well as republicans) This doesn’t even address the issue of his social security number, his selective service status, his absence of transparency concerning his college records, and so on.

     Now, questions are eking out once more concerning the fraudulent birth certificate, which will eventually and rightfully rise to the surface. It isn’t going away, because the issue is simply unresolved.

     Mr. Obama would serve this country and his party well, to withdraw his nomination from the ballot for president within the next few weeks, giving the Democrats enough time to muster a new candidate before election time. That way, he can resign a la Richard Nixon with a smooth transition of power, leaving the helm to Joe Biden, an undisputed American. Otherwise, it appears inevitable that a constitutional crisis will loom down the road. Being deemed ineligible, every decision Obama has made, every appointment and every law signed by this president will be rendered null and void, plummeting the United States into a pit of legal entanglements and crises from which we may not recover.

     It’s only a matter of time. Sure, we have to focus on economy and national security issues, but those issues will all be trumped like an elephant walking on an ant, if impeachment charges reveal that Mr. Obama was never legal to begin with. Millions of “birthers” who are intelligent, taxpaying Americans already believe that.

     A national trauma of unprecedented proportions might be salvaged, if Obama drops out now.

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Some folks will say it doesn’t mean anything. But it does. It’s all part of the bits and pieces that comprise the Obama mosaic.

Louis Farrakhan, the head of the Nation of Islam since 1977, is among the most despicable people in the United States. (my humble opinion) A racist, a Jew-basher, a hater of America, this man has been unapologetic in spewing hatred among his followers and friends for 35 years, from which a large and significant cadre of like-minded haters have been spawned.

Farrakhan was honored in Libya by racist, Jew-hating, America-hating Moammar Ghadaffi in 1996 by receiving his International Prize for Human Rights award, worth $250,000. That put him in such noble company as Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. The year before, Ghadaffi awarded Farrakhan a $5 million interest-free loan.

Here are a sampling of quotes by Farrakhan:

* “The Jews don’t like Farrakhan, so they call me Hitler. Well, that’s a good name. Hitler was a very great man.”
* “They call them terrorists, I call them freedom fighters.”
* “Many of the Jews who owned the homes, the apartments in the black community, we considered them bloodsuckers because they took from our community and built their community but didn’t offer anything back to our community.”

Louis Farrakhan was openly embraced, supported and befriended over a twenty-year period by none other than, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, minister for the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago Illinois and close pal of the future president. We all remember him, the “God-Damn America” minister who Barack Obama called his spiritual mentor for twenty-years.

It’s amazing that people still exist in America who will close their eyes to the obvious. This validates the old “Love is blind” cliche. Lesson: Don’t ever try to tell someone in love that they made a mistake, no matter how horrible the other person may be.

Barack Obama was one of Farrakhan’s organizers in assembling the “Million-Man March” on Washington in 1995. This is when Obama and Wright were close allies in their hate-spewing church and Farrakhan one of their closest associates, praised by Wright and honored in their monthly newsletters for all congregants to read.

During the campaign, Obama acted surprised by Wright’s outrageous rantings caught on camera in 2008, so what was he to do? It was an election year. He had to act the role of indignance and disassociate himself from Wright, something he could have done any time during the twenty years he shared the same anti-American ideologies. Yes, he “acted” surprised because that’s exactly was it was, an act.

For twenty years, Barack Obama not only sat in the pews listening to this hate garbage, he was a part of the fabric of that church, an activist, a financial supporter, a leader and close associate. One can only imagine the rhetoric that was exchanged behind closed doors, when the cameras were not rolling.

Wright, Farrakhan, Obama. Connect the dots. That’s what police professionals do when they dig into organized crime figures, gleaning information based on associates of known criminals. People who hung around Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegal and Lucky Luciano were seen as like-minded associates, even if they had not been arrested. They were considered equally as corrupt and untrusted.

America was so enamored with race and charisma in 2008, that we elected an associate of anti-Americans as our president while turning a blind eye to the obvious. Let’s pray we don’t make that same mistake again.

I haven’t even mentioned Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dorn, Frank Marshall Davis, Rashid Khalili, and other despicable characters befriended in the past by this president.

It’s all about trust.

But who cares, he talks so good.

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In May of 1980, five Miami-Dade police officers were acquitted of murdering an unarmed black motorcyclist. Miami went up in flames for three days. The black community, in particular, suffered mega-millions in property damage, while 18 innocent people were murdered, (and hundreds injured) most of them for no other reason than because they were white. Some were dragged from their cars and mutilated before being pounded to death. One had his tongue cut out.

Detectives called in to Liberty City to investigate those murders needed a squad of armed guards, rapidly shuffling bodies to the morgue before any crime scene investigation could be initiated.

Police headquarters was under siege. Private cars, some owned by police officers, were rolled over and burned. It was many hours and a thousand cops later, into the wee hours of the early morning of May 18th before some degree of order was restored. Black people of Liberty City wept over losing their businesses and homes. White people crowded emergency rooms waiting to hear if their loved one was going to live or die. The morgue trays were full of people who did nothing wrong but try to get home from work using their daily route, unsuspecting how deadly it would be.

Fear infected everyone, including me. I was there…captain of homicide. I was trying to reach my headquarters office at 7:15 p.m., but found the streets burning, black men running everywhere in the dark with torches. As I exited the off-ramp, a black man stood at the roadway frantically pleading with me, and others, to turn around. “Don’t go there!” he screamed trying to save my life. He was a brave Samaritan, indeed. It was the worst night of my 30-year police career.

How did all happen? Deja vu. The same way it is happening today with the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco. And I am again afraid for the innocent people of America. They don’t deserve this, white or black.

Civil disturbances of this nature are not spontaneous, though the media would have you think that. They are long calculated and carefully plotted in the homes and apartments of hate mongers who know how to provoke youths in the streets and create havoc. I guarantee, they are being plotted right now.

The stage is being set. The posturing is pervasive in four corners of the nation. Black hate groups, like the New Black Panthers, are issuing bounties and threats of violence, promising to create hell on earth if they don’t get their way. They are committing hate crimes, but that’s okay, they are the New Black Panthers, immune from the justice system, much like they were immunized from prosecution in the 2008 elections when they menaced the voting polls in Philadelphia. Charges dropped, a la Eric Holder. No explanation.

Racist leaders like Al Sharpton are leading the protesters into a riotous mentality, spewing madness, issuing threats, pumping the adrenalin of hatred. All this, while all the facts are still unreleased. Meanwhile, the mainstream media plays into the scenario by second guessing police and prosecutors, deliberately portraying the victim as a child victim of racism and the shooter as a racist ogre. MSNBC patches sound bites of phone conversations together to enhance the outrage and further portray the shooter as a racist. All this accomplishes nothing other than to stimulate the inevitable; Death and destruction.

Since the time of the Trayvon killing, there have been several murders around the country where the victims were white and the perpetrators happened to be black. Where is Al Sharpton — who now hosts shows on MSNBC — and Jesse Jackson on those killings? Do interracial murders qualify as “hate crime” only if the victim is black?

If the evidence was clear that Zimmerman had committed a prosecutable crime, he would certainly have been charged by now, particularly considering the volatile nature of this case.

Where is the message from the president? Why is he not before his array of cameras making an impassioned speech to his minority constituency, “Let cool heads prevail. Don’t jump to conclusions. Do not resort to any form of violence. It will accomplish nothing that’s good.” We’re still waiting.

So when cities are burned, tongues are cut out, and the people of Sanford or Miami or Chicago are dragged from their vehicles, don’t blame George Zimmerman. Blame the purveyors of hate and disorder. That can be shared by the likes of Al Sharpton, certain members of an irresponsible media, the New Black Panthers and a government leadership that’s doing nothing to quell the insanity.

Deja vu. But we never learn.

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Shortly after the Trayvon Martin killing became viral over every news station in America, Shepard Smith of Fox News was screaming into the camera: “He shot and killed this unarmed little boy!”

He was one of many journalists getting their jollies watching America pucker at the threat of an angry black populace. Photographs were plastered all over news channels showing Martin as a 13 year-old child and George Zimmerman, the alleged shooter, as a scruffy ruffian, supposedly 250 pounds. None of this was true, but the irresponsible media will never be held to account for their unprofessional conduct.

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, and every major newspaper in America has been stoking the flames of racial hatred by playing this up as a racist killing, inciting the likes of the most racist of all, Al Sharpton, and his sheep to pump fists in every street in America, successfully calling for the removal of a professional police chief who has done more for his country in one day, than Al Sharpton has done in his lifetime.

That little boy was 6’3″ and a tough kid from the hood. That shooter was about 5’9″ and out of shape.

People are stoked into believing it’s all about racism, that a racist bigot chased after a kid because he was black, and shot him because he was black. What’s most disgusting, is the most respected and richest blacks in America fell into this same trap, like Spike Lee and Oprah Winfrey, shooting off their mouths when they do not have all the evidence and the facts before them. Rather than rationality, they show their political might by demanding action that might not, or cannot, be legally plausible.

Barack Obama (who I hesitate to call “president” ) weighs in saying that Martin would look like his son, if he had a son. What was that supposed to accomplish? That it’s more tragic to be killed if you are black than if you are white?

I have seen these kinds of scenarios before, where the irate radical black community threatens a community with vengeance, but using the vernacular “justice” as justification. If the justice system doesn’t lean their way, then they will punish those in the system by rioting and killing innocent people in the city streets of America.

It happened in L.A. It happened in Miami. I remember it well. I was there. The plans were already in place before the riots ever started. It was not spontaneous, and neither is this.

Shame on black America for not standing up to the lies. Shame on the mainstream news media for fanning the flames with irresponsible reporting. Shame on the ignorant Americans who fall for the propaganda, allowing themselves to be led like a herd of cattle.

If one death results in any city street in America as a result of this case, it will not be because of George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin, it will be because of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, FOX, CBS, ABC and the blood thirsty news media that thrives on burning cities and innocent dead people. Don’t tell me I am on a rant, I have seen this happen in the bowels of Miami with a similar scenario, building up exactly like this is being built up.

Fact is, George Zimmerman has been tried and convicted in the media, and by the people of America, without knowing all the facts.

The following You Tube is the best I’ve seen. Whoever made this video could work for me anytime in homicide or any other investigative assignment because he analyzes carefully, without his emotions carrying him into fantasyland.

You watch. You be the judge. Then start judging the mainstream media and their minions.

We not only need a change in Washington, we need a change in the incompetent people who are filtering information to the general public.

George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin Tragedy, looking at the primary evidence. – YouTube

This man was doing what he had been doing for years, helping to protect his community. Maybe he screwed up, but this is not a bad person. Every account indicates he had stopped following Martin, and then Martin came after him. We may never know for sure. But there are witnesses who support the Zimmerman side of the story.

I am sure the media has been out to the neighborhoods interviewing residents about Mr. Zimmerman. We’ve heard little about this. Could it be that people were actually saying good things about George Zimmerman and the media chose not to run with that part of the story?

We don’t know what we’re not informed of, do we?

Fact: We don’t know the trajectory of the bullet that struck Martin, nor the distance, range, contact, etc.

Fact: We don’t know where Zimmerman retrieved the gun from. His pocket? His belt? Was it in his hand?

Fact: We don’t know the real reason why Zimmerman has not been charged, but a clear listen to the video and audio recordings provides plenty of doubt about Zimmerman’s guilt.

That same doubt is what concerns the State Attorney’s Office before rushing to judgement in charging Zimmerman with a crime, that he may not be guilty of.

So, folks, hold on to your hats. This is going to be a bumpy ride, and it won’t be over when the Grand Jury comes back with a decision, and it certainly won’t be over if and when Zimmerman is acquitted, which is a near certainty…should he be charged.

This case is most tragic indeed. But not for the reasons the media would have you believe.