President Obama made a compassionate call to Sandra Fluke because Rush Limbaugh had wrongfully called her a “slut” on national radio. Limbaugh was wrong. Limbaugh can be pompous. While I may share some of his views, I don’t approve of overt disrespect. Regardless of political positions, calling any woman dirty names is low class and far from funny. It speaks more about the name caller, than the name-callee.
Of course, one might wonder why a president of the United States would take time out of his daily crises situations to telephone a woman with hurt feelings because a talk show host called her a name. How’s $1 million for an answer?
The president’s actions opened an intended can of worms. You see, this isn’t the first time politically leaning TV hosts and comedians have crossed the “low-class” line by resorting to filthy name-calling …especially against women.  According to the media and the president, it seems whatever Bill Maher might say about an American woman is downright funny. They are fair game, because you see, Bill Maher is Democrat who loves Obama and has donated $1 million dollars to his campaign to boot. So, Bill Maher can call Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann all the dirty names he likes, it’s ok.
From Maher:  Palin And Bachmann Are “Two Bimbos” Who Belong On Gilligan’s Island. (nice)
Regarding Sarah Palin… “Speaking of dumb twats…” (nice)
When Maher called Sarah Palin a “C–T” on national TV, he added, “there’s no other word for her.” (nice again)  Classy guy. 
Bill Maher is fearlessly unapologetic for his vulgar references to women politicos (who are Republican) and makes it a chronic habit, not some one-time slip of the tongue. Talk about hating. Talk about getting away with vulgarity on the air. And what are we to think of the people who would even laugh at so much unfunniness?
This begs another question: Where are the phone calls to Sarah Palin, Mr. President?  Isn’t being called a “C–T”  or a “Twat”  or a “Bimbo” just as derogatory as being called a slut?
Where was the president’s call when Ed Schultz of MSNBC called Conservative talk-show host, Laura Ingraham a “Slut?”
Where was the president’s call when Christine O’Donnell appeared on the Joy Behar show only to be called a “Whore.”
Where was the president’s call when Michelle Bachmann walked onto the Late Night Show with Jimmy Fallon as the band played, “Lying Ass Bitch?”
 Where was the president’s call when California gubernatorial hopeful, Meg Whitman, was called a “whore” on voice mail by the now-governor, Jerry Brown?
This is not about republican versus democrat. It’s about decency and respect. Celebrities, like all of us, may all share major differences in political issues but that doesn’t give license to denigrate women by calling vulgar names. It’s very Low-Class on both sides of the aisle. anyone who engages in such should feel the wrath of their constituency. That includes Maher.
And, if the president had any class, he’d tell Maher where he could stick his $1 million.
Don’t hold your breath.