Prepare to be angry.

You don’t think an election can be stolen? Check out this covert video at a voter registration office in Minnesota:

Click here: Registering Tim Tebow and Tom Brady to Vote in Minnesota – YouTube

That’s right. A third party can register someone else to vote in Minnesota. No I.D. required. ACORN would have a registration orgy. Imagine all the phony names, dead people, illegal aliens, felons, and non-citizens who will be casting votes for their man next November.

South Carolina has been trying to pass a photo I.D. Law but met staunch resistence by none other than the Attorney General, Eric Holder, who has blocked the law on the grounds that (what else?) it fosters “racial profiling.” If he was honest, Eric Holder would own up to being Obama’s blocking tackle, running interference to make sure his boss gets all the votes possible for re-election, be they legal or illegal. Now, that’s a lawman for you.

Minnesota’s not alone. California, Nevada, Oregon and New Mexico and 16 other states require no I.D. for voters, including Illinois, of course. Is that not mind boggling? Imagine all the illegal votes that will neutralize legal votes.

In California, a prospective voter only has to affirm that he/she is a citizen. No polygraph. No challenge. No I.D.Just, believe everyone. One can only imagine the number of false registrations that will be compiled by November. Check it out:

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It’s hard enough trying to prevent voter fraud in states that do have voter I.D. requirements, like Florida, where nearly one-hundred non-citizens in the Tampa area were found to be registered to vote.

Click here: Non-Citizens Voting in Florida: Changing “the Whole Complexion of an Election

In Indian River County, Florida, the Supervisor of Elections is currently investigating seven non-citizens who are registered to vote.

The stage is set. The depth of prospective voter scams is far beyond our imagination. It scraps the very core of our democratic system and in turn, demolishes the constitution our representatives are sworn to uphold. Laws can absolutely be passed to ensure the American people that their votes are not being illegally nullified by non-Americans, but our squeamish politicians are too afraid of losing juicy block votes, be they Hispanic, black, Arab or otherwise.

The person we would rely upon to make sure the law is followed, and enforced, is — who else — the Attorney General. That’s a laugh. He is no more representing the American people than Ahmadinejad is representing Japan.

Photo I.D.for voter registrations must be mandatory. Every state legislature should be deluged by citizens with letters, e-mails and demonstrations insisting that laws be passed to protect our rights. Our Rights, not the rights of frauds, liars, anti-Americans, terrorists, criminals and illegal immigrants. Where is the news media on this? Where is the president? Where is our representation as Americans?

I wrote a piece on Voter I.D. last month. In case you missed it:


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