David Gregory, you are no Tim Russert.

If you want to see pathetic interview skills, watch the link (below) when a prominent candidate for president of the United States appears on Meet The Press. With so many vital issues at hand facing the nation and the world, this is the best David Gregory can do with nearly have the time he has allotted with Newt Gingrich.

Like him or not, to his credit, Gingrich doesn’t sit still for such minutia and backs Gregory against the wall like a man stands up to a wimp. I doubt any of the other candidates would have the cajones to handle this as Gingrich did so skillfully.

Gregory spent the better half of his time slot  questioning Gingrich’s opinion about a radio talk show host’s comments concerning a woman who testified about her position on contraception. No one argues that Rush Limbaugh was out of line with name-calling, including Limbaugh himself, so what did Gregory expect Gingrich to say? This is a presidential candidate who’s first question had nothing to do with being president. It’s all about keeping the hot-button, anti-Rush issue on the marquis.

Meanwhile, the left-leaning media continues to hammer the issue of contraception, versus religions, versus health care as some kind of right-wing radical position, claiming Republicans are opposed to women’s rights, when — in fact — women have had access to contraception for eons, at very low or no expense. Now, suddenly, poor women are entitled to free birth control pills at the expense of the taxpayer, calling it a health issue? And, the government can impose that upon religious institutions when it goes against the religious tenets?

There is the crux. It’s not about contraception. It about the all-powerful government taking control, dictating personal lives and disregarding the historical position of the church, which is supposed to constitute a clear separation.

Hat’s off to Newt Gingrich, at least he doesn’t back down. Watch how stupid David Gregory comes across. 6-minute video:

Click here: Newt Gingrich Educates David Gregory Over Contraception Debate – YouTube