It never ceases to amaze me how some voters will completely disregard the corruption that prevails in a politician’s background, as if bribes and pay-offs don’t matter so long as they get their man in office. Derrick Smith of Chicago (no surprise) was caught by the feds accepting a $7000 bribe, charged with the crime, but still ran in the primary election for state congress and garnered 76 percent of the vote. The voters knew of his corruption, but it mattered not.

Is your head shaking?

When politicians are caught, it’s rarely a first-time offense, a sure sign he/she has been on the take for quite a while. If a politician will take a bribe from one person, they’ll take bribes from anyone so long as they think they’re safe.  

Yet the voters don’t care. 

Shades of Marion Barry who was caught possessing and using cocaine, sent to jail, and then won re-election to the Washington D.C. council anyway, corruption and criminal behavior be damned. Some people do not care about corruption.

Shades of Rep. William Jefferson from Louisiana in 2006 who was caught with $90 thousand bribe money in his refrigerator. He still ran for congress again, and received many thousands of votes that nearly got him re-elected. Some people do not care about corruption.

I could write on and on about all the sleazes – on both sides of the aisle – that have made it into high office despite sticky fingers, blatant dishonesty and immoral behavior. 

How many other sleazy politicans will win elections this November? And what does that say about the voters?

Sign of the times.

Here’s the Reuter’s report on Smith: