The following is a fiction story narrated by a purely fictional character:

“I am a top organizer for The Muslim Brotherhood. I belong to this multi-faceted, global organization, not only because I am a devout Muslim, I want to be instrumental in the movement which establishes Islamic domination throughout the world and to impose Sharia Law on all human life. After all, this was the prophet Muhammed’s final decree before he died. To do this, is to be a good Muslim, because it is God’s will.

“The Muslim Brotherhood was created in 1928 for that very purpose. To achieve world domination for Islam, we must first prevail over the greatest hurdle; Western democracies, including the European continent and the United States.

“I have helped author several documents, manifestos and planning strategies which call, not only for violence whenever and wherever needed, but for the use of deceit in order to peacefully penetrate and infiltrate society, government and the infrastructure of western nations. Part of that deceit, is to portray ourselves as “moderate” Muslims, practicing a religion like anyone else, and to fool the majority of well-meaning citizens into believing they have nothing to be afraid of. To accomplish that, we have financed the emergence of many seemingly benign organizations, like CAIR, MOA, ISNA, MSA and many more. That’s in addition, of course, to Hamas and al Qaeda.

“How better to take over the United States from within, than to use our unlimited resources of petro money by implanting agents as elected officials, lobbyists and media moguls who will do our bidding for us. While congressional representatives are important, it’s far more important that we penetrate the highest of levels, therefore we would need someone loyal to the Brotherhood to become the president. That way, our ideology will be infused into the executive branch of the government and eventually, full control, thus expediting “The Project.”

“So, when I met this young fellow back in the 1980’s, I saw potential. He was a young man of mixed race, born of a Muslim father, and later adopted by another Muslim. Growing up, his political leanings were mostly Marxist and he felt strong hostilities toward the United States.

“More than anything, his background was not well documented, a mystery of sorts, few known friends, no known girl friends, yet he had a natural charisma that transcended all races and creeds and his speaking skills were like a magnet to the masses. We know he has friends in the Muslim world, particularly Pakistan, where he visited.

“I told him we had thought he would be an ideal candidate to be our agent in representing the Muslim Brotherhood from which to ascend into the most powerful position in the free world. But, it would take many years of careful plotting, employing strategies inch by inch that would not be obvious to the average American, including the mass media.

“Here is what we explained to him:

* Education. Get a graduate degree. We will make sure that is well financed, beyond what you can acquire through loans. Most important, acquire a law degree from an Ivy League school. We will help with everything possible, but there are some things you must do yourself.

* Don’t worry about your background or financial records being revealed, you can refuse authorizing their disclosure.

* Don’t worry about employment, we’ll take care of your financial needs.

* Marry and have children. Give the appearance of an average American family man.

* Join the Democratic Party. That’s needed for a political base.

* Become a Christian. Identifying as an atheist or a Muslim would be deadly to any political aspirations. There is a Christian church in Chicago that is hostile toward the U.S. government, you can join that.

* Build a political base in Chicago and organize the disenfranchised, i.e. aliens, blacks, Hispanics, poor, etc., into registered voters. This will eventually spread nationwide into millions of votes via a national organization known as Association of Community Organizations For Reform Now. (ACORN)

* Woo the Jews. Tell them what they want to hear, because they are mostly predisposed toward aligning with the Democratic Party anyway.

* Write an autobiography. It’s good for presidential candidates to have published a memoir. Focus on racial inequalities, your mother and father, not on any work record or religious ideology. Admit using drugs as a young man, that will defuse biographical critics. Say that you love America.

* Run for state office, senator or congressman. The money will be there. When elected state senator, avoid taking stands on too many controversial issues by voting “Present” only. That way you cannot be criticized by one side or the other.

* Make lots of speeches, develop supporters, especially in Illinois.

* We will arrange for the Democrats to let you give an impassioned speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. That way, the whole country will be introduced to your mesmerizing qualities.

* First chance you get, run for national office in Washington D.C. Money is no problem.

* If you win a senate seat, start running for president in the 2008 campaign immediately. Money, again, is no concern.

* In running for president, muster every extremist group possible to support your candidacy because you need their votes. You can openly disavow yourself from organizations like the Communist Party and fundamentalist Islam by claiming you didn’t ask for their support.

*  Use race as an asset. No matter how much your opponents have been supportive of blacks, your race will trump other candidates among minority voters who will mostly vote color, not issues. The progressive white and Hispanic base, and a mostly liberal-based media, will help propel you into the White House.

* Any illegal money coming in from overseas can be laundered among the American Muslim community and other anti-American groups, who will then make “legal” donations to your campaign.

* While in the first two years in office, pass as many government-control bills as possible as steps to eventually set up the takeover. Health care, automobiles, banks, etc.

* Advocate strongly for illegal aliens, particularly among Mexicans and Mid-eastern Arabs. Demand widespread immigration reform that will translate to large voter bases in your political camp. Help the illegals as much as possible, even if you have to sue state governments for enforcing immigration laws.

* Make al Qaeda the only perceived enemy focus of the United States, thus diverting all attention from the Muslim Brotherhood and the internal infiltration of the U.S.

* Manipulate the minds of the people and the media by bringing a stop to derogatory terms like “Islamic Terror,” and “Radical Islam,” and so forth. De-emphasize the appearance of Islam in violence as much as possible in the public’s mind. Play down any acts of terror as individual civil crimes.

* Install people in key White House positions of authority that answer only to you, and not the congress or the people.

* Make important use of a strong and loyal Attorney General who will act as a buffer for all your positions, including those that are pro-Islamist. Do not acknowledge Islam as the root of international terror.

* Start hiring our Muslim representatives into positions within the White House, State Department and Homeland Security.

* Appoint people to the Supreme Court who are able to pass congressional vetting, but who will adamantly support any and all of your positions.

* When uprisings occur in the middle-east — which will happen during your first term — support the overthrow of existing government leaders, no matter their history of alliance to the U.S., so that the Brotherhood can eventually assume power. But, do not support the uprisings in Iran, the current leadership of Iran share the same goals of destroying Israel and the U.S.

* Make Jews and Israelis believe you’re on their side. That way you can blame Iran or Hamas, for anything that happens to Israel.

* Your first term sets the stage. You will spend the last two years presenting a more central presidential image in order to get reelected. Your second term is when you can promote the agenda more vigorously, because you won’t have to worry about reelection. By the end of that term, you will have established an insurmountable voter base, prepared for a successor. But be careful not to tip your hand too openly during the first term.

* Most domestic issues, such as energy, education, taxes, and so forth, are secondary matters that can mostly be handled by staff, except when you have to make speeches. Your primary focus is the clandestine advancement of the Muslim Brotherhood within the United States, in order to prepare the eventual destruction from within. Praise Allah.”

That’s the end of the short-fiction story. Let’s hope it never comes to fruition in real life.


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