Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close   Rating  = 9 

This movie is very good, so of course, it bombed at the box office.

Let’s see: No crashing cars, no herky-jerky hand-held cameras, no speed shots and flash photography, no sex, no “F” bombs, no spray of five thousand bullets. It’s doomed.

But, if you like a deep story, well acted, wrought with emotion and struggle, do take the time to see this picture.

The main narrator of the story is a nine-year-old child, Oskar Schell, an intellectually curious and sensitive child, with an active, and sometimes crippling, imagination. His father, with whom he was very close, had died two years earlier on 9/11. He, and his mother, have yet to put the trauma behind them. He’s a weird kid, slightly savant, academically inclined and emotionally distraught. After finding a strange key in his father’s vase, Oskar obsessively wanders NYC in search of the lock it fits. Some of that time, he is accompanied by an older man — dumb, unable to speak — who is renting from his grandmother.

The boy actor, Thomas Horn, is a major talent playing a boy with PTSD, who captures the essence of young man obsessed with learning the answers about his father’s untimely demise at the top of the World Trade Center. He doesn’t ever realize, that he is blessed with the most loving and compassionate mother on the planet played marvelously by Sandra Bullock. Tom Hanks plays the father in flashback while Max Von Sydow who has already won awards for this picture, plays the boy’s elderly accomplice…with an interesting twist.

More than anything, this film awakens us to all the ripple effects of the tragedies from that fateful day and how it not only impacted those in the path of the deadly airplanes, but all the family, friends and loved ones who suffered as well. My only criticism is leaving the audience with too many unanswered questions at the end.

If you like drama, depth, great acting and the power of love, do not miss this Academy Award nominee.

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