Most folks are unaware that al Qaeda, the most feared terrorist organization in the world, was the brainchild of the Muslim Brotherhood, launched for the very purpose of using mass murder as an intimidation tool to achieve long range objectives. In the meanwhile, their propaganda strategy is to present the appearance of being “moderate” within the Islamic world, and trust that the majority of people in Europe and America would be gullible enough to believe it.

They have been successful.

The New Yorker Magazine published a piece in 2006, written by Lawrence Wright in which he revealed the al Qaeda “Master Plan’ developed from the year 2000, in which they set out to weaken the western world to a point where they (meaning: we) will ultimately submit to an Islamic caliphate, thus destroying the constitutional democracy of America as we know it by the year 2020. It is well supported and documented.

Don’t ever forget the literal meaning of the word “Islam” : Submission to the will of God.

Neither should we ever forget the specific — since 1928 — objectives of the Muslim Brotherhood: World Islam.

For a full review, see the links below. The Seven-Phase al Qaeda plan is summarized as follows. The reader can relate to the levels of achievement, to date.

1 – The Awakening. 2000-2003. Include the 9/11 attacks and the fall of Baghdad. The aim was to get the Americans to declare war on the Islamic world, thereby “awakening” the Muslims.

This has been a great success.

2 – Opening Eyes 2003-2006. Make the Western conspiracy aware of the Islamic community. Many young men targeted for recruitment. Iraq becomes the target for centering global operations, developing an army there.

3 – Arising and Standing Up 2007-2010. Starting a focus on Syria and Turkey. Countries neighboring Iraq will be endangered. Elevated attacks on Israel.

4 – Destroy Hated Arab Governments 2010 – 2013. This will bring a steady growth in strength within al Qaeda. (Egypt? Libya? Tunisia? Syria?) Attacks to be carried out against oil suppliers to the U.S. targeting American economy.

5 – Declare Caliphate 2013-2016. Western influence in Islamic world will be so weakened, they will no longer be feared. The new Islamic State will eventually bring about a new world order.

6 – Total Confrontation 2016 – 2020. After the caliphate is established, the Islamic Army will instigate the fight between believers and non-believers (Muslims and non-Muslims).

7 – Definitive Victory 2010 – ? The world will be so beaten by 1.5 billion Muslims, the caliphate will prevail. The war shouldn’t last more than two years.

So far, so good.

I have pointed out, since day one, that the so-called Arab Spring in the mid-east, has been nothing more than a ruse, a subversive movement organized behind the scenes by the Muslim Brotherhood who are now poised to assume full control of Libya and Egypt. Since the American pull-out, Iraq has been subjected to scores of terror attacks killing many hundreds of Iraqis. Israel has been under attack from Hamas rockets (another off-shoot of the MB)

Bear in mind, the Muslim Brotherhood’s manifesto, which was unveiled during the Holy Land Foundation investigation, calls for strategies that also include invasion of the west by peaceful infiltration and coercion, using sub-organizations spawned to create support for the non-violent jihad. That includes the infestation of our infrastructure, including the government itself. I will provide a link to that document below, in which the first half is written in Arabic.

Also, “The Project” is another MB document discovered hidden in Switzerland in 2001, which spells out the tactics and strategies that will be used to conquer the west from within. That includes the application of deceit, and the availability of unlimited funding by which to support corruption.

The aforementioned speaks for itself. Readers are smart enough to connect all the dots and see what is happening to our world and our country, while we argue about jobs, contraceptives and gas prices.

Granted, those are important issues, but they won’t matter one iota if there is no America.

Remember these points when you go to the polls. It’s the only power we have as a populous, besides the rights to free speech.

The following document was discovered in a Virginia home of a ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood, during a criminal investigation of the Holy Land Foundation, convicted for funding terrorism. I suggest all readers look through and digest it’s instructions to the Brotherhood and what it would mean to our grandchildren.

Click here:

“The Project,: is a document authored by the highest echelon of the Muslim Brotherhood, which describes the tactics and strategies that they intend to employ in the infiltration of the western world. It was recovered during a Swiss investigation after 9/11/01. I’ve written about this before. Check it out:

Click here: FrontPage Magazine – The Muslim Brotherhood “Project”