“TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY”  Rating:  3 (out of 10)

In a word: Boring.

How in the world the movie critics give this multi-star ratings is baffling. If you like movies with hundreds of close-up shots of actors with pensive expressions on their faces, or giving each other curious looks, and an endless body of confusion with scenes that seem to have no bearing on the story, then see this movie.

     Often, dramas will begin at a snail’s pace, and eventually come together with a semblance of interesting suspense and then closure. In this movie, we waited and waited but the snail never gained any speed.

     The premise of the story wasn’t bad. During the cold war era, networks of spy agents trying to weed out a mole in the organization, mostly based in Hungary, France and England, add a couple of gratuitous murders, and decent acting and you think you’d have a great picture. (Yawn)

     The problem, it would seem, was in the directing. The talent was surely there, Gary Oldman plays the protagonist, forever thinking, pensive and troubled. Then, Colin Firth who was one of the blurry characters until late in the movie. Toby Jones and David Dencik and at least another seven or eight white males with funny names and foreign accents scramble for hazy parts in the script. One has to concentrate carefully to get any idea of what is happening and who is who and how they relate to each other.

     I won’t be seeing any more pictures directed by Tomas Alfredson.

     Bear in mind, this picture has been highly rated by several pundits, and if you like drawn-out, complicated suspense pictures with slow-moving plots and characters, then this is for you.

     The trailer (preview) we first saw in theaters was certainly misleading.

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