THE ARTIST Movie Review

     THE ARTIST   –  Rating:   9 ½ 

      Shhhh. No talking.

     If you like creativity, see this movie.

     If you like directors who think outside the box, see this movie.

     If you believe that dialogue is always needed in a picture, see this movie.

     “The Artist” personifies “Art” in movie making.

     I attended this picture thinking it would be novel and interesting, based on the reviews. But it was far more. The more this picture “moves” along, the more engrossed you get.

     While not a line is spoken, you never lack interest in the characters, the story line, the emotion, the drama, the sorrow, the glee, the depression, the magnificence, glamour, love, hate, ambition, fame and insignificance. It’s all there, and more.

     My own father was a victim of emerging talkie movies. A successful vaudeville hoofer with his name above all others on the Palace Theater marquis… including Milton Berle and Rudy Vallee, he could not accept the progress of technology, that talking movies would one day outdraw theater audiences and live shows. It drove him to the insane asylum.

     Thus, the scenario was all too personal in this incredible motion picture, where the characters are crisp, the camera never lies and no one has to guess the story line.

     Believe it or not, no sex, no violence, no drugs, no car chases, no fleeting aliens, no farts and no “F” words. It is definitely not a movie that features the backroom special effects nerds. But it is a masterpiece.

     The two main characters are played by French actors Jean Dujardin and his beautiful counterpart, Berenice Bejo, who is too easy to fall in love with. Neither speak a word, but you are never in the dark about how they feel. They are heartfelt and wonderful in their respective roles as a washed up silent movie star and a budding star of talkie movies.

     “The Artist” deserves the Best Picture Oscar. It’s one-of-a-kind         

     Click here: The Artist Trailer 2011 HD – YouTube