In presidential campaigns, the media has us focusing too much on the individual personality and not the package that comes with him. When we elect a president, it’s not only Barack Obama, George W. Bush or Mitt Romney that we are choosing to lead our nation for four years, it’s the entourage, the pervasive mentality, the core management philosophy that we elect, not just the personality.

      Most importantly in 2012, we will not only be electing a man, we’re electing an ideology for America. Once the election is over, and we see trends of the administration that are disappointing, there’s little we can do for four years but hope that congress and the Supreme Court, and the states, can render a balance to the power of the executive branch.

     Barack Obama, like others before him, is a figurehead who has agreed to accept the face of government. It is a daunting job, being the target of cameras and sound machines nearly twenty-four hours a day. Meanwhile, it is the people behind the scenes who are actually running the day-to-day government. They are not necessarily cabinet appointees. Cabinet secretaries are figureheads, under the scrutiny of press and cameras. Those behind the scenes, some of whom we hardly know, are running the country. They are people we did not elect, but trusted the president and his staffers to make sound appointments of people who are supposed to be loyal toAmerica.

     President Obama carried this philosophy to the nth degree by appointing czars in charge of various entities of government, decision makers and leaders who are not cabinet appointees vetted by congress, but people who share the president’s overall ideology and work behind the scenes to carry out policy.  The czar list for Obama is unprecedented in presidential history. Under Bill Clinton, there were eleven appointees, four of which were confirmed by the Senate. Before him, G.W. Bush had three and Reagan had one.

     You think it was Obama who inflated the czar system? Think again. It was G.W. Bush, who appointed 33 “czars.” Obama followed suit with 38 “czars.” Thirty-three of the Obama appointees were never vetted by the senate.

     Remember, a president is always blathering politics in speeches, talking from two sides of a mouth because he knows he needs support from campaign donors and there’s another election around the corner. So he has to appeal to all the blocs. To better understand a president’s ideology, one can glean the big picture by looking at who he has selected for his team.

    Let’s look at Obama’s closest advisor.

     Valerie Jarret is Senior advisor to the president. Mrs. Jarrett is Obama’s closest ally in the White House staff and is likely responsible for much of the Obama philosophy and decisions that we attribute to him. She impacts every citizen in America. A full detailed blog could be written about this woman, but I’ll leave that to the reader to research.  Columnist Michele Malkin wrote a piece on Jarrett which excoriated the NY Times for failing to tell the truth about the woman.  Here it is:  Click here: Michelle Malkin » What the NYT’s 8,100-word Valerie Jarrett profile didn’t tell you

      To sum up the ideology of Valerie Jarrett, supported by Obama, check out her enthusiastic recruitment of Van Jones in 2009 to be the White House czar on Green Jobs, to which he was appointed. Though he has an impressive educational resume’,  (so does Bill Ayres) Van Jones has been an avowed revolutionary Marxist with a history of anti-American activism. Certainly, Mrs. Jarrett and the president know these things, but he was given trusted access to the White House as a czar. What does that say about ideology behind the scenes? Because the Van Jones controversy came under major scrutiny, Jones resigned after six months. Nevertheless, the appointment was telling.

     Click here: Valerie Jarrett on Green Jobs Czar Van Jones – YouTube

     Another of Obama’s closest advisors, and his political strategist, is David Axelrod, the Karl Rove of the Bush II administration. Nobody faults a president for having his closest friends as their tight men. Axelrod is the head honcho who runs blocks and tackles against Obama’s critics and political opponents.  Rest assured, a lot of the anti-Herman Cain drudging scenario originated in from the desk of Axelrod. Look for the same style of dirt-digging with any other formidable opponent. Matter of fact, the woman who alleged that Cain once put his hand up her dress, happens to coincidentally reside in the same apartment building as Axelrod. Hmm

     Now, Axelrod is doing everything he can to discredit front-runner, Mitt Romney.

Click here: Axelrod’s Twitter Feed Obsessed With Mitt Romney – ABC News

      It has only just begun.

     Axelrod left the White House in early 2011 in order to rev up the re-election campaign. But as Senior Advisor, Axelrod had, and still has, a lot of clout that affects the decisions of Barack Obama.

     Click here: David Axelrod – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

     For a full list of all the Obama White house Czars, and their affiliations, and their political connections, I suggest reading the Front Page Magazine link below. It provides a clear and ghastly  picture of the ideology that is behind the scenes running this country, much of which is not obvious in the eloquent and persuasive speech-making skills of the president.

     When you vote, think of the package, not just the man. What’s best forAmerica, is what matters most, not his past sex life or his religion.

     Click here: Obama’s Czars and Their Left-Wing Affiliations | FrontPage Magazine