Texas, January 2008:  Sisters, Sarah and Amin Said, 17 and 18, were stalked and shot to death by their father, Waser Abdul Said. They wanted to date non-Muslim boys. The father disappeared after the slaying and is thought to be in his native country, Egypt. Wanted by the FBI.

     Click here: FBI Calls Said Sisters’ Murder Honor Killing – YouTube

     Texas, December, 2012:  Estranged from his wife, 56 year-old Aziz Yazdanpanah, showed up at her apartment where they were opening Christmas presents. He shot and killed six people, including his teenage son and daughter, who happened to be dating a non-Muslim, then killed himself. And, they were apparently celebrating Christmas, a non-Muslim holiday. You be the judge.

     Click here: Was Aziz Yazdanpanah’s Santa Murder an Honor Killing? | Video

     Georgia, January, 2009: Sandeela Kanwal, 25, wanted a divorce from her husband. That brought shame upon the family honor and the Muslim religion. Thus, her father, Chaudry Rashid took it upon himself to murder his daughter and then turn himself in to police.

     Click here: Man Accused Of Killing Daughter For Family Honor : NPR

     New York, February, 2009: Muzzammil Hassan, a respected Muslim who operated a television studio to portray Muslims as moderates, turned killer when his wife accused him of abuse and filed for divorce. She was summarily beheaded as an act of honor to Allah. Hassan testified at his trial that prosecutors were Islamophobic and anti-Muslim.

     Click here: Buffalo, New York: Moderate Muslim who beheaded his wife

     Canada, May, 2009:  Mohammed Ali, 29, stabbed his girl friend, Yasmine Larbi-Cherif to death along with her 19 year-old sister, Sabrina. The grisly killing was so brutal, he had to change knives twice because they had broken off in the bodies.


     This could be a very long list, not only in America, but all over the world. The problem is that honor killings are basically acceptable in certain Islamic societies, where people turn a blind eye to the perpetrators and very few are ever punished or even prosecuted. One can only imagine the cloak of fear that women endure within fundamentalist Islamic families, knowing there is no real freedom to choose, and that big brother, father or husband is forever on the watch of their behavior.

     Such was the case of 17 year-old Rifqa Bary, who fled her father’s home in Ohio and went into hiding in Florida because she had converted to Christianity. Her father, a Muslim, disclaimed her fears publicly, but she felt differently, and we don’t live in that girl’s shoes. Growing up under the rule of a Muslim father, she knew full well what the Quran called for, and felt he was capable of carrying out an honor killing.

     Click here: Christian Teenager Flees Home, Saying She Fears Muslim Father

     Not only is it written in the Quran, but in the Hadith, which is part of the Islamic trilogy, that apostasy (leaving Islam) is punishable by death. Read:

     Click here: TheReligionofPeace – Islam: Killing Apostates

     The United Nations estimates approximately 5000 honor killings occur every year in the world, based on what is made known publicly. The numbers are probably much higher than that, because honor killings get bad publicity and the release of such information cause Muslims to be seen in a poor light.

     Honor killings can — and often are — disguised as accidental deaths and/or suicides which then do not received the sensational attention of media that murders glean. Thus, we are not made aware of the horrors that many Muslims, mostly women, lived under — even in the United States. For certain, the disguised murders skew the statistics from being accurate.

     One method for disguising murder as suicide is to lock a disgraced woman/girl in a sound-proof room, with no means of escape, and no food and water, with only a loaded gun, a knife or a rope handy for self-killing. Voila: Suicide.

    Turkey, known as a secular Islamic country, has had a strange increase in suicide statistics among young women, thought to be honor killings in disguise. This is likely to occur more frequently in America andEurope where the lure of western lifestyles other religions draw young women from Islam, and where a free press exists which can draw negative attention to such killings.

         Click here: Turkey Honor Killings Disguised As Suicides | Independent Research Network

     In the UK, where the Islamic population is growing rapidly and Sharia has successfully crept into their legal and social systems, almost 3,000 honor killings are reported each year. And, they are the ones that are known about. For more info, read the full report by Jihad Watch (linked) from which I quote, “Honour attacks are punishments carried out against Muslim women who have been accused of bringing shame in their family, and in the past have included abductions, mutilations, beatings and murder.”

     How many more were disguised as suicides or accidents?

     Click here: U.K.: Police report “alarming” rise in “honor” attacks — almost 3000 last year

     Bear in mind, we are not talking about al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood or the Taliban. Almost all honor killings are carried out by non-terrorists. Rather, they are perpetrated within the “peaceful” and “moderate” Islamic world, by otherwise respectable fathers, brothers or husbands in places and/or families where the culture allows for tacit acceptance.

     Think in terms of progression. Twenty years ago, these things were unheard of in America, or even Europe for that matter. Today, Islamic causes and issues are in the forefront of the western world.  Think what it will be like in another twenty years.

     Click here: Honor killing – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia