I’ve been embarrassed before, but let’s give it another try. Here are my predictions for the year 2012 on a mixed-bag of subjects:

1. Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination, which will surprise no one, and then go on to win the general election in November. He will choose either New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, for a VP nod.

2. Gary Johnson will enter the race as an Independent, much to the delight of Barack Obama. However, Johnson’s campaign will gain no steam as voters will be more concerned with defeating Obama than casting votes of symbolism. He will also draw from the liberal-moderate constituency that Obama thrives on.

3. Joe Biden will find a reason to remove himself from the Obama ticket, and Hillary Clinton will be Obama’s VP running mate.

4. Some cities will erupt into civil disobedience as a protest to the lost election of Obama. (Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, among them

5. The day after Romney wins the election, stock market will respond with a sharp incline.

6. War will break out in the middle east, not only among Arab states, but against Israel, while Barack Obama is still president.

7. War will erupt between Pakistan and India as U.S.relations with Pakistan crumble.

8. The Supreme Court will rule against Obamacare.

9. The Supreme Court will uphold the Arizona law against illegal immigration.

10. Sometime following the election, two Supreme Court Justices will announce their retirements: Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

11. A serious insurgent uprising and/or terror attack will mar the summer Olympic Games in London.

12. A significant change in government will take place in Cuba.

13. “The Help” will win the Oscar for Best Picture of the year over “The Artist”, and its star, Viola Davis will win Best Actress despite a strong challenge by Meryl Streep for her role in “Iron Lady.” (Watch future blog for full Oscar predictions)

14. Tiger Woods will win a major tournament and have his best year since 2008, returning to the top ten in rankings.

15. Baseball: Albert Pujols will have a banner year for L.A. Angels, rookie Stephen Strasburg will become the new pitching sensation for the Nationals winning 20 games while the Yankees will walk away with the World Series championship.