Here are three more horrendous decisions that have come from the Obama White House in recent days and weeks. They need little editorial commentary.

     The Keystone XL Pipeline

     Think about 20,000 jobs, directly. An estimated 100,000 jobs, indirectly. Billions of barrels of crude oil pumped into American refineries from our friend,Canada, to the U.S.  A $7 billion project that would create another step toward oil independence from the middle east. It’s a doable deal. Canada is ready to go. If they don’t do business with theU.S., they’ll likely end up doing business with China, as warned by Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself.

     Even the unions are fighting to keep the project alive to put their people to work. TransCanada, the company proposing the pipeline, and the state of Nebraska, have reached agreements on new routes that assure no intrusion on eco systems or drinking water.

     Not going to happen. The Obama administration stance: Put it on hold, until after the election. By that time, it may be too late. Who says politics doesn’t trump what’s best forAmerica?

     People will still vote for this man.

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     Open Borders For Immigrants   

     Think:  Surrendering the United States to people of other nations who just want to come and live here, without laws enforced, without accountability, without identity, without regard to impact on the enormous entitlement costs that have helped to wreck the economy, without regard to foreigners taking jobs from Americans, without regards to voters, taxpayers and Americans of all races and creeds who are vehemently opposed, and without regard to the constitution that the president swore to uphold. That, plus opening the flood gates around the world, for if you favor one ethnic population, you can’t discriminate against others.

     Yes. It is happening.  

     Sources inside the White House have disclosed this bold new approach to the immigration problem, saying they are going to let in anyone who wants to come in. The move will allegedly save millions and billions in enforcement activity, reduce the Border Patrol and ICE forces, and put people to work where Americans won’t work.

     Who needs a war against enemies when we can simply let them have America without firing a shot?  For you know, it’s not just the Mexicans and Hondurans this will apply to, it will translate across the ocean as well, as Africa and the middle east will see us as an open door. And there are plenty of jihadists out there who would love that to be made easy. Why make bombs, just walk in. Come on over, life is (was) good in the United States.

     Brilliant. That’s tantamount to giving the country away, wholesale. Paradise lost.

     Somehow, I don’t think compassion has anything to do with this decision. It will plant the seeds for millions more Democratic voters within a very short time. And, if Obama is re-elected for a second, unaccountable 4-year term, there will be no stopping the damage it will do the future of our nation

     Seems to me, there’s something in the constitution about a president taking an oath to uphold the laws of that constitution. If the administration follows through with this, impeachment proceedings should follow.

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     Giving Away The Drone

     Think: Sophisticated, high-tech, unmanned American spy plane veers off course into Iranian territory. This equipment possesses technology we would not want to see in the hands of other nations, especially those that hate us. Not only would our enemy use the technology against us one day, the chances are high they would sell it to China, Russia or other potential foes. Regardless, the drone plane was downed by Iran.

     There were three options on the table for our president:

  1. Go in and retrieve
  2. Destroy the drone
  3. Say I’m sorry and ask for it back

     You guessed it. He asked for it back.

      Surprise: Iranians are not giving it back.

     End of story.

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       This is the person at the helm of America who is charged with protecting our interests here and abroad.  Is it happening? You tell me.

     Three years ago, before he was elected, I wrote my concerns about whose side this man was on. Those concerns have since been confirmed. I’m just sad that so many intelligent people cannot see through the smokescreens. While some candidates are certainly better than others, the most important objective for this election is voting Barack Obama out of office, before it is too late, no matter who runs against him.