THE DESCENDANTS   Rating:  7 ½

      It’s a good movie. But it’s not a great movie.

     George Clooney plays a busy lawyer disconnected from his family when his wife suffers a major injury during in a boating accident. Suddenly thrust back to the home front, the Clooney character must now reunite with his two daughters, who are equally disconnected from their father, and re-establish a relationship during tough and emotional times.

     While his wife lies in a coma, Clooney learns of all the things his wife has been doing during his long absences.  Meanwhile the relationship with the two girls creates the bond that brings the plot together and may even bring a tear to your eye before it’s over.

     I don’t see where this picture should be nominated for a Golden Globe or any other award. It’s definitely worth the price of a movie ticket, well acted, deep, moving and interesting, but not on the level of a Titanic, or Godfather, The Help, or The King’s Speech.

     George Clooney has been nominated for a Golden Globe for best actor, but I see that more of a recognition for his Hollywoodpower and not so much for the movie. He’s good, but he is not at the greatness level of a Daniel Day Lewis, Robert Duvall or Leonard DiCaprio. He is an actor playing the role of attorney, Matt King, not immersed as Matt King himself.

     The finest acting should be attributed to young Shailene Woodley, now 20, who played the spunky and precocious teenage elder daughter of  Clooney. Watch for her in future films, her talent is amazing.

     I’d be shocked if this movie won a Globe or an Oscar. Then, one never knows.

     Here’s a trailer:

     Click here: The Descendants Trailer (The Descendants: Trailer #1) – IMDb