MY WEEK WITH MARILYN”  Rating:  8 1/2  

     It’s tough not to fall in love with Marilyn Monroe, but not because she’s sexy or beautiful. Hundreds of movie actresses have been sexy and beautiful. Marilyn was different. She had an alluring innocence about her that few actresses ever blended with the sexy/beautiful adjectives, not Mansfield, not Taylor, not Angelina Jolie and not Hedy Lamarr.

     This film captivates the audience, men and women, with a wonderful and realistic portrayal of the blonde bombshell — albeit flawed — who never formally learned the art of acting, yet became one of the most desired actresses on the silver screen.

     In this story, Monroe is hired on by director and actor, Sir Laurence Olivier, to star in the 1956 British production of The Prince And The Showgirl. As soon as she arrives and throughout the production, the infamous behavior of the iconic actress creates tense interaction between her and Olivier and the entire staff, always late, always blowing her lines and stumbling at times from too many pills.

     Enter Colin Clark, 23, a young, innocent, ambitious film student who manages to get a menial assistant’s job on set, then morphs into a brief relationship between he and Marilyn. Naturally, the young man is smitten with her as she toys with his emotions, begging for his attention and protection.

     My eyes were glued to her every move, every nuance, every bat of the eyelashes, every smirk and every lure. No matter how frustrated one gets with this woman, you can’t help but like her, and forgive her as you would a child, as Olivier finally does.  In the end, Olivier (played by Kenneth Branagh) says, “Directing a movie is the best job ever created, but Marilyn has cured me of ever wanting to do it again.”

     Michelle Williams captures the very essence of Marilyn Monroe in this movie, and will likely be a front runner for an Oscar nomination. Equally deserving, is Eddie Redmayne, who plays young Colin Clark. The audience can see his heart virtually melting on screen.

     Dame Judi Dench also plays a supporting role, always at the top of the acting game.

     It’s a fine picture which introduces the personal Marilyn like never before.

     Here’s a video trailer: 

      Click here: My Week With Marilyn (2011) Trailer – HD Movie – Marilyn Monroe Movie – YouTube