JACK AND JILL: Movie Review

“JACK AND JILL”    Rating:   4 1/2

     Besides the obvious, what do all twins have in common? 

     All of them were womb mates.  (ohhh)

     Stupid, ridiculous, inane, dim-witted and idiotic.  Those are but a few adjectives that can accurately describe this soon-to-be-forgotten comedy film. Yet, I hate to admit, it was truly funny…in spots. 

     I’m no great fan of Adam Sandler. As a comic, I don’t think he can shine the shoes of people like Eddie Murphy and Jerry Lewis, but he did a credible job of playing a double role, that of a jerky family man, Jack Sadelstein and his identical twin sister visiting from the Bronx, Jill Sadelstein who is desperately seeking love and romance. Sandler’s portrayal of the clumsy, lovelorn sister is pretty darn good, better than his more mainstream male character.

     Then again, men playing women-in-drag roles are always funny, Mrs. Doubtfire (Robin Williams), Some Like It Hot (Lemmon and Curtis), Big Mama (Martin Lawrence) and etc. On the other hand, women who play male roles are always serious, never funny.

     If you can get by some of the flatulence and other zany episodes, and accept the fact that this will never be an Oscar contender, you will definitely find yourself laughing out loud in many scenes, and then feeling guilty for doing so.

     Add to the mix, a few cameo appearances by such unlisted stars as Johnny Depp, Dana Carvey, Drew Carey, Regis Philbin and al Pacino, and you’ll enjoy a couple hours of light-hearted, silly comedy.

     Written and produced by Sandler, one wonders how he got all those extras to play the bit roles in the movie.

     It’s not for everyone, except those with a silly sense of humor.

     Here’s a video trailer:

     Click here: ‘Jack and Jill’ Trailer HD – YouTube