Voting time is around the corner. No matter what the polls indicate, theIowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Floridaelections will set the tone for who will be the republican nominee in the 2012 election.

     The pundits and oppositionists go after front runners like scavengers eating away at the meat, looking for any and every flaw, every personal and professional weakness, to the point that the issues are lost in the wind. Meanwhile, the media focuses on who opposes gays to marry, or who’s for or against criminalizing abortion, who’s religious and who isn’t, and who may have engaged in improper dalliances in their lives.

     The media on both sides of the fence are guilty of reports based on their own political leanings, hammering negatives about who they dislike, or omitting significant information that may be favorable or unfavorable. Some of the pundits are incredibly unprofessional, such as Chris Matthews of MSNBC who went on a rant about Newt Gingrich, ridiculing his physical appearance, i.e., “look at him, he looks like a bomber…”

     Click here: Chris Matthews says Newt Gingrich looks like a car bomber

      There are numerous videos out there where Matthews eviscerates the former speaker of the house as demonic. Yet, he gets away with it. The network does not admonish, and people suck it up, especially those that hate republicans in general.  Imagine, if anyone on Fox News said that Barack Obama looked like a tall skinny crack dealer from Liberty City, how that would go over. They’d be fired on the spot.

     Just as dumb, are the republican candidates themselves who spend their money putting out ads that insult, demonize and castigate their oppenents, which will certainly be used by the Obama camp against whoever the nominee is this coming fall. Yes: Dumb!

     What’s most important, is who can we trust to bring stability to the nation, here and abroad. After watching at least ten of the republican debates, here is my assessment of the current filed of candidates:

     Mitt Romney:

     Not my first choice, but we all must agree, he is the most electable among the group, and with that in mind, nothing is more important than to vote Barack Obama out of office, no matter which republican gets the nod. Romney has held his own in debates, had a good track record in the private and the public sector, and comes across very presidential.

     Newt Gingrich:

     I said this from the get-go, no one is smarter in the field than Newt Gingrich. I personally feel he would be the best president. I don’t care about his past affairs, any more than the democrats cared about the affairs Clinton, Johnson and Kennedy were having while they were president. What matters is what can they do for we the people. His take on foreign affairs and domestic economy impress me the most of all. I also like the way he has avoided, for the most part, engaging in attacks on other candidates. But the media will have a feast on Gingrich, whether true or not, and the liberal media will give Carte Blanche to all the Chris Matthews’ in their arsenal without reprisals, to portray any candidate as an ogre. Unfortunately, while he will withstand the onslaught, too many voters will be swayed against Gingrich. Most important: Obama loses in November.

     Ron Paul:

     If we were only concerned about domestic issues and the economy, I’d put Ron Paul neck and neck with Gingrich. But then, there’s Israel, North Korea and the spread of Radical Islamic jihad throughout the world which Ron Paul has shown he has no clue about. The mere fact that calls another republican a “Muslim hater” just because of extreme concerns over Iran possessing a nuclear weapon – the very nation that has sworn to destroy the state of Israel– tells me he is not ready to lead our foreign policy.

     I do fear Ron Paul  bolting from the republicans and running as an independent, which would siphon far more votes from republicans than democrats, and virtually assure Obama of a second term.  Most important: Obama loses in November.

     Rick Perry:

     Perry has a great track record as a strong and effective governor of Texas, and with his executive experience, qualifies for the Oval Office as much as anyone.  He, too, holds strong right wing social values that mirror Bachmann and Santorum, which may be used as ammunition by the far left and the leftist media to demonize him as an anti-gay evangelist.  I think he would do a credible job with economic issues, with the border and with Islamic jihad here and abroad. His weakness is in debates, which does not portend well for him against the charismatic Barack Obama.  Thus, while I would vote for him against Obama, the middle-of-the-road voters — which republicans need to woo over — would probably not vote for him. Remember: Obama must be defeated in November.

     John Huntsman:

     Comes across very dignified, intelligent, worldy wise and with good credentials from the State of Utah. I think Huntsman might be the second smartest on the stage, and a bit more to the center, like Romney, which could make him electable. But he hasn’t the traction, and stands no chance of winning the nomination. Look for him to be on the short list for someone’s VP.  Remember, most important: Obama loses in November.

     Michelle Bachmann:

     Gutsy woman, with a good track record in economic matters, tax lawyer, has operated her own business and is up-to-date with threats of foreign powers. I would trust her, and who she surrounds herself with, in the White House. Though millions agree with her on social issues, the mood of the nation has shifted greatly in recent years. Issues such as opposing gay marriage and staunch pro-life views will be used as fodder for the left wing media, and most voters, except the strong right. Too bad, because issues like that are of of little concern to a president. Despite the vicious and unwarranted attacks on her, by people like Chris Matthews, she has weathered the storm well, but stands little chance of winning the nomination, at this point. Remember:  Obama must lose in November.

     Rick Santorum:

     Good guy, stands tall for his principles, has an impeccable personal history and a commendable record in the senate. Santorum has a good grasp on the nascent rise of radical Islamic Jihad which is destined to become a major factor for our national security as time goes on. What lacks is gravitas, which is an essential but intangible element in swaying undecided voters. He can’t win. And, what’s most important:

     You got it: defeating Barack Obama in November, no matter who runs.