Here’s my advice for Herman Cain before he throws in the towel.

Challenge your accuser(s) to take a polygraph, then promise to take one yourself. It should be administered by a neutral, experienced examiner, preferably from the FBI.

Why not?

That puts Cain’s back against the wall, and more important, the women’s backs who have come forth to accuse him of improprieties. He owes it to the country. More so, the women owe it to the country.

I’m not a big fan of polygraph though I made good use of it often during my investigative years in Homicide. Polygraph is not a tool that detects lying, which is why it is not admissible in court. But it sure does elicit truth by process of intimidation.

In the absence of conclusive evidence, I often asked the accused, and/or accusers, to submit to a truth test. More often than not, the subject blathered a change of story long before the machine was turned on. If an examiner is worth anything, he/she will know when to go for the jugular if the charts are questionable.

I recall one woman who cried rape causing us to arrest the accused when we thought the evidence supported it. The subject insisted on his innocence, which led to polygraphing them both. He passed. She failed. She also admitted the falsehood.

Polygraph is useful, and it works.

Herman Cain is either a sexual superman or he’s the victim of a nefarious campaign from behind closed doors to derail his bid for the presidency. It does beg the question, why now? Why, since these allegations stem from many years back, do these women suddenly come out of the woodwork now, with accusations that have no other purpose than to ruin him politically.

If he was such an abuser, if he was such a terrible guy, why wait until the polls catapulted him to front runner status in the Republican campaign, and not before?

Excuse me, while I hold my nose.

Let’s face it. No matter what Republican rises to the top of the heap, he/she is destined to undergo a barrage of allegations and microscopic scrutiny that will disclose every minor transgression in his or her life. That’s because — as NBC’s Chris Matthews admitted on air — the majority of the media is left leaning, and has been an Obama supporter since the day he entered the race in 2007. Why else would the anchors of all three major networks travel with Obama to Europe and ignore McCain?

Digging up dirt on a political candidate is par for the course, regardless of how smart or qualified he or she may be. Romney’s a Flip-Flopper. Bachmann: Fundamentalist. Perry: Soft on immigration. Paul: Soft on national security. Gingrich: Cheated on his wife. Cain: Affairs and sexual harassment. Obama: Wonderman.

It’s time to get to the bottom of this fiasco and challenge the parties to a truth test. When it’s all over, the media can get back to covering Cain’s positions rather than selling ads.