Imagine J. Edgar Hoover hiring members of the Carlo Gambino family for employment in the FBI, giving access to insider files and information galore, all of which is certain to find its way back to the top Mafia bosses. Would that make Hoover a hero? An idiot? In the hip pocket of the mob?

Well, Hoover was no idiot. And it certainly would not make him a hero. That leaves one answer.

Not much different than our illustrious Attorney General, Eric Holder, presidential protectorate-in-charge, our nation’s number one crime fighter.

Before Obama’s election, Eric Holder was a senior partner a law firm that were involved in the on-going defense of seventeen Terrorists/Jihadists incarcerated in Guantanamo — pro bono. Eric Holder became attorney general, passing muster from a deaf/dumb/blind congress. Then — guess what. He hired nine of those very attorneys to work inside the justice department.

Pro bono is defined as “free services.” Generally, lawyers take up a defense pro bono when they have favorable feelings toward the defendants and sympathize with their plight. Now, nine of those attorneys are in a position of prosecuting the same individuals they once chose to defend — Free! And we are supposed to believe that the Attorney General, and his staff, are impartial? We are supposed to believe that they will receive a vigorous prosecution?

Al Qaeda could not be more pleased.

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There have been plenty of poor Attorney Generals in the past, from both parties. But none have ever been suspected or accused of unAmerican intentions and working in the best interests of our enemies. Not one.

Start with decisions to try the 9/11 terrorists in a civilian court, where they would have access to civil rights that were never intended for enemy combatants of the United States. Then, the inexplicable reading of Miranda Rights to captured enemy combatants in the war zones and other terrorists in the U.S., including the Underwear Bomber, thereby providing the Taliban and al Qaeda and every other terrorist organization in the world with the protections of a local thief in Peoria. What might be mountains of valuable intelligence information, usually obtained from prisoners, is doomed to be lost to thin air. Much of that would save American lives down the road.

It is utterly mind boggling.

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 Without explanation, Holder dropped charges against the New Black Panther party who had fatigue-clad members holding billy clubs clearly intimidating white voters at a polling place. Ironically, this is the same New Black Panther Party group that was photographed marching with then Senator Barack Obama in 2007. Federal Attorney, J. Christian Adams, resigned from the Department of Justice in protest of this scurrilous action.

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Every conscious American in this nation is aware that the Radical elements within the Islamist movement are primarily behind the terrorism problem around the globe. Yet, Mr. Holder hasn’t the intelligence or the willingness to acknowledge this before a congressional committee. Check out this embarrassing exchange – ashamed to call him our Attorney General:

Click here: Eric Holder Refuses To Say “Radical Islam” – YouTube

The list of nefarious examples could consume a hundred pages. So, let’s move to the present debacle, a Justice Department initiative known as Fast And Furious. Rather than closing borders and fighting drug smuggling insurgents on the Mexican border, Mr. Holder’s organization chose to engage in the sale of hundreds of firearms, by ATF, (over two thousand of them) to Mexican cartels and criminals. Some 1400 have not been recovered. Twenty-one have been recovered from violent crime scenes in Mexico. Altogether, 179 were involved in criminal activity, that we know of. One was involved in the killing of American Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

This Attorney General told a congressional committee in May, that he only heard about the Fast and Furious operation “a couple weeks ago” and denied any knowledge or complicity in the operation. That’s like Eisenhower claiming he didn’t know that the D-Day invasion was being planned.

I have worked for a major law enforcement agency for thirty years. It is impossible for Eric Holder not only to have known about Fast and Furious, he had to approve it from the upstart.

Eric Holder is a liar and an enemy of America.

Click here: Eric Holder Lied to Congress on Fast and Furious – YouTube

The only reason Barack Obama would keep Holder on as Attorney General, is because he shares the same ideology, the same goals and the same attitudes. Obama’s protection of Holder should portend his own impeachment.

As of now, 53 members of congress have called for Holders resignation. That list is growing. And they are certainly not calling for resignations because he is a democrat.

One of those, is Rep. Allen West, destined to be a future president. Watch and listen to his demand for Holder’s resignation:

Click here: Allen West Calls On Eric Holder to Resign

The fox is guarding the hen house. And, Mr. Obama’s Teflon coating is beginning to thin out. He can no longer support this egregious person in such a high position of power.

Eric Holder must go. If he does not, then Obama and Holder must go together. Americans should be writing letters until their fingers cramp.