The Republican debates, and all debates for that matter, are a sham

In the 90 or 120 minutes allotted, seven or eight candidates divide their times with questions which elicit short 60-second sound bites, and then some 30-second retorts by other candidates. Most of the questions are predictable and stick to the same old topics which generate the same old canned answers. To say it tells us anything about the candidates depth of knowledge on positions, is like saying a good putt by Tiger Woods tells us about his golf game.

Last evening was a different matter. While all candidates were invited, only Cain and Gingrich showed up as the Tea Party, via C-Span, hosted a 90-minute “Lincoln/Douglas” debate in Texas. Whether you’re democrat of republican, conservative or liberal, there was much to be learned by everyone from the two men on stage who had the time and latitude to give detailed explanations of their positions on three topics dealing with the economy, namely: Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. It was a far cry from the media circus filled with gotchas and media-driven bickering between candidates.

The full 80 minutes of debate – which was more of a discussion — can be seen on this video.

This is a great exemplar for future debates in both parties. Do take the time.

 Click here: Video: Watch the full Cain-Gingrich Lincoln-Douglas debate