Frankly speaking, I don’t care if a presidential candidate is for or against abortions. In electing a supreme policy maker that will govern our economy and our national security, abortion is a non-issue.

People who cast votes on a single-issue are losing site of the big picture. If there is no United States in the future, there will be no freedoms. And if there is a greater lean toward socialism, that portends greater power by the government over the people which is not what our constitution stands for. Therefore, it is utterly stupid to vote for a candidate based solely on his/her views about abortion. China is a communist state and they have the power to determine who has abortions and who does not. Do we want that?

The only influence a president has over abortion policy and laws, is in the appointment of supreme court judges. Roe Vs. Wade has already been decided, and abortion is considered a state matter for legalization.

Neither is a president going to decide the rules of gay marriage. It’s a court matter, which is already being enacted in some of the states. I don’t care if Obama or Cain is for or against gay marriage. It’s a non-issue. I do care if they will employ enemies of the United States to work within our Department of Homeland Security, our Defense Department and our State Department. The security of our country is much more of a vital issue in a time when there are those who want to see us subjugated to another ideology. It is of paramount importance in a national election.

If I were the supreme law maker, I might declare abortions illegal after the first trimester, except when the health and well-being of the mother is in jeopardy. During the first trimester, I feel it is the sole decision of the mother.

Remember, if and when abortion would ever become illegal again, it would open up the black market to the butchers and profiteers, much like it was before the early 1970’s. I well remember those when black market abortionists were raking in the big bucks at the cost of aborting young women in less than sanitary conditions for a price they could barely afford. Making abortions illegal will not stop the practice, it will only drive it underground, just like drugs, and just like alcohol during Prohibition. By making it illegal, it opens the door to more crime and corruption.

The criminals are licking their chops, hoping for new laws of prohibition.

According to Gallup Polls, about 13 percent of voters cast ballots based on that single issue. That’s a sad commentary. Those voters may also be casting votes for those who would see America destroyed. Then what?

There is no perfect world. People who demonstrate and rebel are often legitimate in their complaints. But we must never lose sight of the big picture: Safeguarding the security of this country and making sure the economy does not collapse. Every other issue is far down the list in priority.