Universities, listen up. Here’s a course for Political Science 101: How to derail a candidacy, especially someone who poses a threat of winning when no other stain can be found in his background.

Every wonder how these events plays out behind closed doors? First: The decision has to be made to crush Herman Cain, because he suddenly represents a major threat to Barack Obama and the Democratic agenda. Second: Look for any dirt to scandalize; drugs, arrests, dishonest business practices, thievery, sleazy associates. Third: If all else fails, there’s always accusations sexual impropriety, easy to accuse, hard to prove. But that doesn’t matter. It’s the accusation that sticks.

In 1971, I arrested a man for rape in Liberty City. His accuser was a woman he knew. She had drinks with him at a bar and he allegedly drank too much and forced himself on her in a car. She tested positive for sexual intercourse, her lipstick was on his clothing, and witnesses said he had been drunk.

He was interrogated at the station after handcuffs were removed. While the case was legally sound, he adamantly denied that he forced himself on her and pleaded for understanding. His demeanor seemed so sincere, that we decided to re-investigate before booking him. We asked the woman to take a polygraph. She agreed.

She failed. Not only did she fail, she admitted to falsely accusing the man because he had jilted her for another woman and he allegedly owed her money. She was getting even.

The man was released. The woman went to jail.

In the 1960’s and 70’s, I was the chief investigator for over one hundred accusations of rape. Sadly, nearly half were unfounded. Many false claims of rape were products of embarrassment, revenge, inconvenience and extortion, kids breaking rules, unexplained pregnancy, and demands for hush money.

Women are too often the victims of valid sex crimes. At the same time, women possess tremendous power if and when they decide to accuse a man of sexual impropriety. Often, the stain lingers even though charges are unprovable.

I shook my head recently watching famed attorney and Democratic hatchet woman, Gloria Allred while she stood by the latest female accuser of Herman Cain in front of a battery of microphones. While Allred pulled the strings from behind, much like Edgar Bergen to Charlie McCarthy, Sharon Bialek read from a prepared text claiming sexual impropriety of fourteen years past. This was never reported to authorities, only to a political entity. The timing was perfect. Seems Allred was a hired gun to destroy the candidacy of a rising Republican who posed a significant threat to Barack Obama in 2012.

It was deja vu all over again, recalling the familiar scene from the summer of last year when the same Gloria Allred stood by another weeping “victim” who was accusing what else? A Republican political candidate.  The woman, an illegal alien housekeeper, suddenly condemned her employer of nine years and thus, derailed Meg Whitman’s quest for the governorship of California. Good going Gloria. Your political connections have served you well.

The media, of course, is not paying much attention to who Sharon Bialek really is. In the last twelve years, she has been the defendant in seven law suits. She filed for bankruptcy twice, and has worked for nine employers in the last seventeen years. Appears Ms. Bialek has had a slew of financial problems. Hmm

Herman Cain’s background is textbook impeccable, homegrown from poverty to the pinnacle of success based on his own energy, ambition and intellect. A minority as well, he represents the All-American candidate and a major threat to the sitting president.

Amazing, that in Herman Cain’s sixty-five years of life, and forty in business, the accusers emanate from the same three-year period he was head of the National Restaurant Association, and no other time. Amazing, also, that Ms. Bialek is a denizen of Chicago, the nesting place for Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod, loyal Obamanites.

This country has a system by which people who commit sex offenses are tried in courts of law — civil and criminal — and not in the court of public opinion. The media has turned this fiasco into a virtual feeding frenzy. At the same time, that same media holds Bill Clinton in high esteem. You figure.

Herman Cain should be admired for the professional demeanor by which he has faced this debacle. Hopefully, he will survive and continue to stir the republican race into the most interesting and stimulating campaign in a very long time.

Perhaps its also time for Cain’s accusers to take that same polygraph test I gave to the woman who cried rape. Don’t hold your breath.

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