My first selection guy would have been Rep. Allen West had he run. Then again, he’s a freshman congressman who needs some tenure before he can take that step. We should all keep tabs of his ascension in the future. It is inevitable.

After following the campaign, watching several debates plus studying the history of each Republican candidate, I’ve reached the conclusion that the best person to run against Barack Obama is Newt Gingrich. Here’s why:

1. There is no one in the running that is smarter than Gingrich.

2. He’s got a proven record of working in a bi-partisan mode, as he demonstrated during his tenure as Speaker of the House.

3. He’s got the experience, knowledge and guts to stand up to the rise of Radical Islam in the western  world  without capitulating to political correctness.

4. He will make mincemeat of Obama in a debate.

He’s not the prettiest candidate. He doesn’t have the charisma of a Romney or a Perry. But he would make the most decisive and competent president in this critical time of American history.

More important than anything, for America, is the defeat of Barack Obama – and his entourage — in 2012. Four more years of an unaccountable Obama in the White House playing footsies with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood will have a devastating effect on our country, and on the free world including Israel. The fascist radicals who are currently rising to power in the middle east are determined to conquer us down the road, and have said so. They are counting on Obama remaining our president. No matter what candidate runs against him, he must be ousted.

The person most capable of doing that, is Gingrich. Yes, he’s smart and experienced. But the campaign results will most likely rest upon performance in debates. Gingrich is far ahead of the other candidates as a debater. Therefore, he’d stand the best chance of beating Obama.

Gingrich doesn’t get sucked into the media-driven traps and the pettiness and the internal bickering that Romney, Perry and Santorum fall into. Gingrich is gutsy enough to admonish the media in their handling of the debates, rather than denigrate or argue with fellow Republicans. He stands on issues, unambiguously. I don’t agree with all his points of view — nor anyone else’s — but I know, as an American, I’d feel safe and comfortable with him at the helm of the executive branch of the government.

Pay close attention to his speaking on various issues in this 9 minute video. Note: no prompter, no notes.

Click here: Newt Gingrich: Impeach judges – Crush and Replace the Left – 2012

One of his many speeches (5 min.) on Radical Islam and national security:

Click here: Newt Gingrich On The Threat Of Radical Islam – YouTube

Next to Gingrich, Mitt Romney is the man most capable of beating Obama. He’s a carefully groomed package of experience, sound bites and image. He would do a credible job, but he does not possess the brilliance of Gingrich.

Rick Perry can’t debate. He relies too strongly on his strong Christian base, his Texan culture and good looks, but the United States is not comprised of 310 million Texans. If Obama made him look bad on the debate stage, it would translate to four more years of Obama.

John Huntsman would be a good debater if given the chance, but the press moderators constantly focus too strongly on the front runners. His chances of winning the nomination is nil, as are Santorum’s and Bachmann’s. They should drop out before, or soon after the Iowa caucus.

Ron Paul is a compelling speaker who captures attention. He is also a good debater, perhaps the second best in the field. He knows he can never win the nomination, but the forum gives him a chance to air his altruistic views, some of which are worth listening to.

I like Herman Cain. I think Cain would make a good president because he’s smart, he weighs issues and he would surround himself with people who know the business of national security and the economy, and who are true Americans. He also pulls the rug out of the race card, which some democrats have conveniently used for three years when critics go after Obama’s credibility. Cain would pose a competent appearance on the debate stage, but not with the intrinsic knowledge and intellectual power of a Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich’s Achilles heel? He had an extra-marital affair in the 1990’s. Clinton had many affairs and still got elected. Eisenhower had an affair, so did FDR. Kennedy had several affairs while president, yet he is still revered. Before the era of media intrusion, I’m sure there were many others in the presidency which we don’t even know about. So, that’s a non issue.

If there is any chance at ousting Barack Obama from power in this country, I see Newt Gingrich as the most capable, on all fronts.

That’s why he gets my vote.