An old friend recently wrote me with these comments about the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators:

“…non-violent protesters are being arrested for no reason. As for the … the tea party, the number one thing wrong with their mentality is that they are selfishly cruel; not giving a damn about the downtrodden of our society. They represent the worst of all human failings, narrow-minded ignorance.”

When I asked this friend to articulate what, specifically, makes the Tea Party “…selfish, cruel, uncaring of downtrodden, represent the worst of human failings, narrow-minded ignorance…” she did not, or could not be specific. I found the comments incomprehensible, particularly from an otherwise intelligent person, as though she was parroting the Left-Wing anthem by rote.

Many pundits compare the Occupy Wall Streeters to the Tea Party, but there is no legitimate comparison. And to claim that protesters are being arrested for no reason at all is more regurgitation of the party line, as though it were a script.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations could best be evaluated in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s remark, “God bless them, for their spontaneity.” She said a mouthful.

First, in one sentence she revealed that the movement — which basically calls for America to evolve from capitalism to socialism — is supported and endorsed by the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party. And, considering that thousands of marchers could not undergo such a venture without substantial funding, it raises suspicion of where that money is coming from.

Second, by endorsing the demonstrations, she and other politicians like her, basically approve — de facto – of the actions of the demonstrators which has included the breaking of laws. Many hundreds have been arrested for blocking roads and bridges, dumping trash, vandalism and disorderly conduct.

Third, Mrs. Pelosi does the conservative right wing a great favor just by opening her mouth. Stating that these demonstrations are “spontaneous” is not only a lie, it insults the intelligence of every American who’s listening. The demonstrations are about as spontaneous as the Battle of Bull Run. The “spontaneous” comment was intended to manipulate the minds of Americans to give the marchers more innocence and legitimacy than they deserve.

Then again, it was Mrs. Pelosi who coined the brilliant remark regarding health care, “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.”

Having served in Miami-Dade as a cop for thirty tumultuous years, I learned a lot about “spontaneous” street demonstrations, civil disobedience and violence. Riots and marches are never spontaneous. They are rooted in the back rooms of planners and agitators who plot strategy with a long range purpose to create change, good or bad.

Riots are usually instigated by a few, which catch fire and ignite the masses into violent behavior. As mobs escalate into a frenzy stage, some simply get out of control. That results in destruction of property, injury and sometimes worse.

It’s usually part of the strategy. Demonstrators and rioters intend on being arrested and hope to get their pictures taken in the process, all for the purpose of making the “establishment” look bad and to engender sympathy for their cause via media. Their bond money and legal fees are already pre-funded.

Many times, during street confrontations, I watched the behavior of demonstrators instantly change from passive to aggressive when the red light of television cameras came on. It was like Stephen Spielberg had just hollered “Action!”

Spontaneous? Hardly.

For police it’s the old “rock and a hard place.” They are compelled to act when laws are broken. Contrary to popular belief, police officers do not wake up every morning hoping to falsely arrest people in the streets. It’s a no choice situation.

Outside of ideology, the biggest differences between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street groups are in outright signs and actions depicting bigotry and anti-Semitism by the Occupiers. Tea Party demonstrators do not espouse bigotry, racism or anti-Semitism) Check out the links below.

Then, there is the Egyptian fellow who was invited to speak, representing himself as an example of revolutionary change when he protested in his country earlier this year. What he didn’t tell anyone, was that those protests and uprisings were rooted in the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the most notorious, fundamentalist Islamist organization in the world with sights fixed on world domination. (See video below) So much for the pillars of Occupy Wall Street.

Meanwhile, Americans are constitutionally guaranteed the right to protest and assemble. Though I don’t agree with their message, demonstrators of Occupy Wall Street are exercising their rights so long as they are peaceful and do not break laws. Their goals and objectives are diminished, however, when they can’t respect the law and the rights of others.

Most would admit, some of their basic grievances are actually valid regarding jobs and the economy. But they are barking up the wrong street for redress. They should consider redirecting their protest marches from Wall Street to the White House, as suggested by Herman Cain.

Yes, the economy was slipping badly when Bush left office. This president has had almost three years to make a difference, and the hole keeps getting deeper.

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