Finally, an organization of brave Muslim-Americans are venturing to come forward to voice their opposition to Islamic extremism and denounce the assimilation of Sharia Law into the American legal system: The American Islamic Leadership Coalition.

This is what so many of us, who are conscious, have been calling for in the fight against stealth Jihad.

I was appalled at the New York Times’ Op-Ed this past Sunday which published an article by Eliyahu Stern whereby the author sanitized the concepts of Sharia as harmless and asserted how Americans, like myself, who warn against allowing a toe into the door, are nothing but fear mongers and Islamophobes. (See link, below) First, a toe in the door, then a foot, then a leg, then the whole body. That’s when the constitution would eventually become null and void, replaced with Sharia. Way to go, Eliyahu, cover it over with gravy so we don’t see the rot underneath

Shame on the N.Y. Times for choosing to run that untrue and Islamist-slanted opinion piece. And shame on the N.Y. Times for not running a counter editorial pointing out the many negative aspects of Sharia. There’s plenty of such valid information out there. Goes to show how people’s opinions and knowledge can be skewed by a slanted media that chooses what to tell you and chooses what not to tell you.

This is not making a mountain of a molehill. It is making a mountain out of a mountain. If you don’t understand Sharia, start researching with Google, then read any one of many books, like Chasing A Mirage, by secular Muslim, Tarek Fatah. I’ve often written about the horrors of Sharia, especially as it relates to human rights, and the slave status it imposes on women. I’ve quoted many Muslim intellectuals and former Muslims, who unilaterally warn America that Sharia Law is incompatible with Western values and a nightmarish system for freedom loving people to live under.

The American Islamic Leadership Coalition (AILC) is the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR’s worst nightmare. Because these are not minions of Fox News or the product of right wing politics. They are responsible Muslim leaders who are coming forward to join all Americans in bringing the fight against extremism and the Jihad within. These are Muslims who (apparently) love America and wish to see the constitution remain intact, and to preserve freedom of choice and expression for all human beings, regardless of religious faith. We should welcome them with open arms.

The AILC is supporting a bill in the Michigan State Assembly (HB4769) which is intended to bar Michigan courts from enforcing any foreign laws, including Sharia. According to one if the organization’s most prominent members, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, “To equate HB4769 with racism is not only dishonest, it is a poor and clumsy attempt at making ordinary Muslim citizens feel alien in their own homeland while creating a rift between Muslims and the rest of our country.”

Another AILC member, Manda Ervin, is quoted, “Many of us fled the Muslim world to escape Sharia Law and to practice Islam in our personal lives, by moving to the USA. We do not wish these laws to follow us here.”

In his book, author Tarek Fatah, listed the articles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, then writes, “Sharia Law contravenes all these articles.”

By supporting this legislation, it brings support other states which are also considering similar laws. In November of 2010, Oklahoma voters passed a referendum by 70-30 percent, for legislation to bar Sharia from entering into their court system. As of February of this year, there are 13 states considering similar legislation. The American people are not ready for Sharia in America, not in any form, any style or any culture. The slightest application of Sharia Law would be a cancer on our constitution. From there, it’s a matter of time.

Yet, organizations like CAIR do not CARE what Americans want. They CARE what Islamists want, and manipulate the constitution any way possible to achieve their goals. And they use big bucks to influence left-leaning politicians for their support, so pay attention to who you vote for and who they are in bed with. When someone like myself speaks out, CAIR and other radical Islamist groups knee-jerk with accusations, as though pulling the sting on a doll, “Racist! Racist!”

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Here is the article spelling out the actions of the AILC, with the names of signatories at the bottom. Let’s write them all and show support for their loyalty to America. They need to know they are appreciated by mainstream America.

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Here’s the shameful N.Y. Times piece, intended to whitewash American perceptions of a dangerous threat. That’s not only my opinion, it’s the opinions of the secular American-Muslims listed in the above named article.

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There are a few politicians in Washington willing to speak out and stand up to the Islamist threat, but too few. That’s why we must be ready to speak out and demand our representatives do everything they can to boldly protect the future of our grandchildren. And that starts at the top.


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