This blog is plagiarized in part from on-line articles which I checked into before going to press. I thought it important to convey this information to those who haven’t come to know Mr. Cain as yet.

His surprisingly strong showing in Florida’s Straw Poll has catapulted him to the upper strata of Republican hopefuls. Through all the debates, I was impressed with his intelligence, his comportment and his savvy, but thought the absence of name recognition and political history would render him another also-ran. But that may not be the case, after all. Mr. Herman Cain is now a very formidable candidate who needs further probing. So, here’s a few tidbits about his background:

Herman Cain is not a career politician and never held political office. The media portrays him as a Godfather Pizza CEO, but not much else. But there is a lot more to the man. He has extensive backgrounds in mathematics, computers, banks, and even worked as a rocket scientist.

Here’s part of his bio:

Born poor in Memphis, Tennessee, the son of a chauffeur and a cleaning woman. Grew up in Georgia. Graduated from Morehouse College in 1967 with a B.A. in mathematics. In 1971, received a Masters in computer science from Purdue University.

Has authored four books.

Worked as computer scientist with ballistic missiles for the U.S. Navy.

Computer systems analyst for Coca Cola

VP of corporate data systems and services for Pillsbury

Placed in charge of Pillsbury’s 400 East Pennsylvania Burger Kings which had been performing poorly. Spent the first nine months learning the business from ground up, cooking hamburgers and cleaning toilets. Three years later, the stores were performing above standards.

Took over as CEO of Godfather Pizza Co., which was near bankruptcy, and turned it around into the black in 14 months. In 1988, he led a buy-out of Godfather Pizza from Pillsbury and became the owner of the restaurant chain.

Chairman of the National Restaurant Association.

1996 recipient of the Horatio Alger award.

Advisor to the Federal Reserve System

Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank.

Started hosting a radio talk show in 2007, in Atlanta, Ga., which became one of the most successful in the nation.

Authors an editorial column distributed by the North Star Writer’s Group

Religion: Baptist

It appears that anything Mr. Cain has been involved with has turned to gold. While his leanings are moderate-to-conservative, he attracts supporters from all sides of the spectrum due to his direct and honest approach to questions, his organization skills and fresh ideas.

During a Bloomberg interview, Cain argued that he was black American, not an African-American. He sets an example of what hard work, ambition and determination can accomplish, despite roadblocks and prejudice.

Cain is 65 years of age.

Here are a few of his political positions:

* Supported TARP, with caveats

* Opposes any increase to the debt ceiling

* Supports Fair Tax System (9-9-9) and abolishment of the current tax structure.

* Supports reforming Social Security through free market solutions.

* Welfare: “Programs today are designed to make people more dependent, than less dependent.

* Abortion: Pro-life. Favors defunding Planned Parenthood.

* Religious freedom: Supports total freedom of religion, but strongly opposes any implementation of Sharia (Islamic) law as part of America’s legal system.

* Affirmative Action: Minorities and non-minorities should all have the same opportunities. Does not support a quota system for hiring and promotions.

* Israel: Strong supporters, disagrees with the Obama approach that Israel should return to the 1967 borders.

* North Korea: Opposes negotiations, supports a peace through strength posture.

* Iraq: Believes a timetable for withdrawal is tantamount to surrender.

* Afghanistan: Supports a continued U.S. presence there.

* Education: Supports performance-related pay for teachers, and vouchers and charter school systems.

* Energy: Supports off-shore drilling and drilling in ANWR (Alaska), and to become independent of the mideast stranglehold.

* Health Care: A cancer survivor, he claims if the Obamacare system was in effect, he’d be dead by now. Supports repeal of the existing legislation, and renewed efforts to improve the private systems.

* Immigration: Illegal immigrants should go through legal channels, and should not be afforded automatic entitlements. “America can be a nation with high fences, and wide open doors.”

* Second Amendment: Supports gun possession, but cedes control measures and laws to the state level.

Editorial note: Seems we carefully choose words when ignoring the race issue. But there certainly is a race issue here, so allow me to say what many are thinking but few dare to mention.

For more than three years, I’ve been railing about Barack Obama, and how mind-boggling it is that America voted for this neophyte who never held a job, who was raised in a Marxist/Leninist background, with a litany of anti-American friends and associates prior to holding elected office, to become the president of this country. Since his coming into the Oval Office, nothing has surprised me, including the nosedive of our economy and his backstabbing of our ally, Israel, which now is in great peril due to our mid-east policies.

But to many who can’t see anything but color, criticizing Barack Obama is not about denouncing a president’s policies, it’s about race. I’ve heard political pundits on television say that any dislike for Obama is racist-based. I’ve read bloggers talk about skin color as the reason people such as me, dislike Obama.

To all of those, I ask: Why can’t you get skin color out of your mind? Who’s the racist here?

When I criticize Obama, I write about his deeds and policies. Yet, I’m showered with the term “racist.”

I welcome the candidacy of Herman Cain, because he is a success story, I like most of his positions on issues, he is “presidential” and dignified, and — yes — he is a black man who America can love just as much as any other highly accomplished black person who espouses American values.

Cain is the left-wing’s greatest nightmare, because he nullifies the ignorant branding of conservatives as “racist.”

Whether he wins or not, look for Herman Cain to become a significant part of the American political mosaic in years to come. I don’t agree with every one of his positions, or anyone elses for that matter, but I sure welcome him into the fray.

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