If it was all “just a religion” we should monitor the spread of Islam that has been taking place in Europe to see just how well it’s going. That will give us an idea what we can expect in years to come. I’ve researched a number of European countries which have seen a considerable growth in Islamic culture in the last thirty years, and wondered just how the populace — heretofore very liberal and accepting — is taking to Islamic growth.

Some of the leaders are beginning to change their tune. Whereby acceptance and assimilation was once considered the hallmark of European culture, it appears “multiculturalism” is not going so well. Well, multiculturalism always went well when it came to other religions, other races, other nationalities. But Islam is another story. Perhaps we should not be talking about multiculturalism, rather, Islamic assimilation, because it’s just not happening.

So instead of writing a long article, I thought I’d let the videos speak for themselves. Below, you will find a number of national leaders and politicians, who are now speaking out vociferously about the failure of Islamics to assimilate in the various societies around Europe.

And, it’s slowly, but certainly, changing the social landscape, and the future of all nations. Someday, there may no longer be a Frenchman, a Brit, an Italian, a German and a Swede. They will all come under the umbrella of one ideology.

Let the videos do the talking. Check them out. 

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