The congressional Black Caucus is a government-sanctioned, tax-supported Racist organization. It should be abolished. Same goes for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, or any race-based government organization.

Unless, of course, congress forms a White Caucus, an Asian Caucus and a Women’s Caucus. While we’re at it, let’s have a Men’s Caucus, a Gay Caucus, a Straight Caucus, a Handicapped Caucus, a Christian Caucus, a Jewish Caucus, a Muslim Caucus and an Atheist Caucus. Maybe we can even authorize an Illegal Alien Caucus, after all, that’s destined to become the next great voting block — which is what it’s all about.

The Black Caucus was formed in congress in 1969, in the wake of the Civil Rights movement and the killing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Okay, problems needed to be solved. That’s when blacks were still struggling for equity in government representation, and a fair shot at the American dream for all races.

We’re now in 2011. Times have changed. Blacks have come a long way, and that’s a good thing. The wealthiest woman entertainer in America is a black woman. The president is a black man. We have black heads of corporations, black congresspersons and blacks in many other positions of power. There are numerous black organizations which have the full attention of government in every state in the union, and not just the NAACP. All of this, in the name of “assimilation” “equality” the protection of “rights” and the dissolution of “racism.”

While blacks rightfully decry racism, they should be wary of practicing it themselves. And that should begin in the halls of congress. How can we accept a government organization that absolutely prohibits membership based on race?

Democrat Steven Cohen, of Tennessee, whose district is mostly black, is the latest white congressman to be denied membership in the Black Caucus based on racial discrimination.

While the Black Caucus members have served with some distinction in years passed, one can only conclude that they are now serving with “Da Stinktion” based on the behavior and unAmerican comments by their leadership of late. Who else in governmental elected office could get away with telling other Americans, regardless of political affiliation, they can go “Straight to Hell?”

Click here: Video : Maxine Waters says “The Tea Party Can Go Straight To Hell”

Shame on those who applauded her. Shame on the media for failing to excoriate her. Does the Tea Party frighten the congresswoman so much that she cedes her sense of dignity? Is the Congresswoman, a racist? After all, there is no evidence whatsoever of the Tea Party being a racist group, simply an organization of Americans — including all races — who wish to hold politicians feet to the fire. That’s called “accountability.”

Talk about inciting hatred. Indiana Congressman, and Black Caucus member, recently told a gathering in Florida that the Tea Party wishes to see blacks “hanging from trees.” Hmm. Anyone hear about that in the N.Y. Times, or MSNBC? Of course not, anything that’s stupid or negative coming from Caucus members and/or sympathetic to the Tea Party is carefully edited out of the news unless, of course, there is no choice. Meanwhile, as columnist Dennis Prager asks, how would the media respond if a Jewish member of congress accused the blacks of wanting to see Jews gassed? How loathsome of a statement would that be considered?

Click here: Dennis Prager

It’s time to end double standards.

I lived and worked in a government agency during a time when minorities (including blacks, women and Hispanics) were given special bonus scores for hiring purposes, special consideration for promotions and high ranking positions ahead of those who rose through the ranks, for no other reason than their ethnic, racial or gender make-up. In doing so, many deserving whites were passed over, affecting their status and income for life. That’s discrimination in reverse.

Yet, at the time, it was to be expected. In order for the police agency to provide a representative service to a diverse community, it was considered necessary at the time. That time has passed.

Of all people in this nation, it should be the members of congress who present the highest examples of inclusion and tolerance, regardless of political differences. Those who will not, should not be in office. The continued existence of a racist Black Caucus only emboldens racism in its ugliest form: Tax supported.

Congressman Allen West, a black member from South Florida, has recently indicated he may resign from the Congressional Black Caucus wishing not to be associated with their caustic rhetoric. Watch this 3-minute interview on video:

Click here: Allen West: I Might Leave Black Caucus

Every good cause has it’s life span, and when the cause is eventually achieved, it’s time to move on. That goes for the Congressional Black Caucus. There will never be healing if the salt keeps getting rubbed in the wounds.

As for Maxine Waters and the Tea Party’s future, I am not a believer in the existence of “Hell.” But if I was, I know it wouldn’t be the Tea Party that has bought the ticket.

I have no doubt, what names I’ll be called after this is published.

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