It’s way too early to start predicting who will win the Republican nomination. And, much can happen between now and November of 2012 which could make Barack Obama seem like a hero  – or  – seem like a sap. Note the term: “Seem” because too many voters react to their impressions, and rarely to their knowledge of issues.

Regardless, no matter who is nominated, it is essential for the good of America that Barack Obama is ousted from office. Even if you are not thrilled with his opponent, you will be doing your nation a service by unelecting Barack Obama. If anyone cares about my reasons, please reference several of my past blogs. But the bottom line, it will be catastrophic to give this man four more years of unaccountability in which he will continue playing into the Muslim Brotherhood agenda and oversee the attempted destruction of Israel, then blame Israel for it all. This, not to mention turning on his own law-abiding countrymen (Arizona), building a power base among illegal immigrants and driving a spiraling the economy into the abyss while conveniently blaming George W. Bush, or some other past president.

Among the Republicans, these top ten would be my picks for president, in order. Bear in mind, not all of them have put their hat in the ring.

1. Rep. Allen West, from Plantation, Florida. No frills, solid American, straight-talking patriot who is fully educated on the threat of Radical Islamic globalization. A powerful military background of sacrifice to his country, a leader who inspires. (Not running) See link, below.

2. Rudy Gulliani, former Mayor of New York. Gutsy, straight talking politician who is equally unafraid and confrontational to the Radical Islamic threat. His mayoral stint in New York City is a model for leadership success, having implemented policies that cleaned up a dirty city and reduced crime. He’s a doer, not a talker. (Not running)

3. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House. Probably the smartest candidate in the race and the best debater. Knows issues inside and out, and has openly spoken out against the rise of radical Islamic globalization. His past story of marital infidelity is a non-issue. Doesn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination, but he would trounce Obama in debates.

4. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachussetts. Vetted as a successful businessman and governor, Romney know issues as well as any, and presents dignity and decorum to the office. Very “presidential.” Mormonism is a non-issue, and his approach to health care shows that he is open minded to providing a better system for everyone, but not the disastrous, illegal model forced down the throats of congress in Obamacare. Besides, by garnering Independents as well as Republicans, he could beat Obama.

5. Herman Cain, Businessman. Has shown intellect and guts in this campaign standing up to the most seasoned politicians by presenting logic and humility. Has no problem admitting when he’s not fully informed on a topic. He would surround himself with experts and solid Americans. Would not be surprised to see him as a VP on someone elses ticket.

6. Rep. Ron Paul. Another straight talker who comes across as believable, saying what he believes and not a canned speech to get elected. He touts the constitution as a revered document of laws that must be honored, and believes in less government control over people and business. I have doubts about his alliance with Israel, which is why I place further down the list.

7. Rep. Michele Bachmann. Smart, educated, experienced and a believer in constitutional values. She would surround herself with all-Americans, and help bring the economy to prosperity. Her open stance on some social issues will doom her candidacy, though she’s to be admired for sticking to her guns for what she believes. Head to head, I don’t think she’s as winnable against Obama as the others.

8. Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska. Almost a mirror image of Michele Bachmann in terms of values, religion, social issues and conservative politics. As such, she too would probably not fair well on the final ticket opposing Obama. She’s not running, and she should stay out, to avoid muddying the waters.

9. Gov. Rick Perry. Currently the front runner, with an impressive record in Texas. My concern (like in most politicians) is to whom he will owe the biggest of favors when he is elected. I am particularly concerned with his lenient stand toward illegal aliens and his close relationships with wealthy Islamists. But, he may well be as electable as Mitt Romney, if not moreso.

10. Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pa. A decent man with a good record. He stands as much of a chance of winning the nomination as I do. Could be that he’s staying the course to show he’s a good campaigner, for a shot at the VP. After all, who knew George Bush I would have picked a guy named Dan Quayle?

11. Mickey Mouse. Solid American, been around for 75 years, good sense of humor, and cares about people of all ages, sizes, colors and creeds. He probably won’t run, but if he did, he’d get my vote.

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