At least 76 people were murdered in Norway on July 22nd. The apparent suspect, Anders Behring Breivik was a 32 year-old obsessed madman. It was a terror attack of equal dimensions to most any terror attack in the world, excluding, of course, the 9/11 tragedy in America which claimed almost three thousand lives.

The news media was fast to point out, even before he was identified, that the shooter was a blond man with blue eyes, assuring the world that it was not a terrorist of Arabic/Islamic descent.

Breivik should certainly pay for his dastardly crime. Many of his victims were youngsters under the age of 18.

Yet, the motivations of this individual is worth a second look. Perhaps there is something we can learn from the murderous carnage after all.

The media would have us believe that the island youth camp where so many people were shot, is a retreat for fun and games for kids. What the media is not telling you, is that this camp is actually a propaganda site where demonstrations and marches were being held in support of the Palestinian causes and strongly anti-Semitic. Author-Lawyer, Debbie Schlussel has posted the most shocking article, with photos of the adults and teens just shortly before the shooting, in which signs and banners are being displayed with hate messages toward Israel. Among the participants at this “youth camp” was Norwegian Foreign Minister Gahre-Store, in support of Israeli boycotts to show solidarity behind the Palestinians. These are the same people who recognize HAMAS — a terrorist organization — as a legitimate government, the same group that has fired over 6,000 rockets into Israeli communities.

The Schlussel article is worth a read, with photos:

Click here: Karma?: Norway Camp Breivik Shot Up

Since the news reports have come out, we all have learned that the suspect was anti-Muslim and strongly opposed to the “multi-culturalism” taking place in Norway. If Breivik was so personally affronted by the deculturalization of his homeland, one wonders if he is not a sampling of how all indigenous Norwegians are feeling as the immigrant Muslim population continues to rise at a rapid pace. (This is happening in many other countries in Europe as well)

In 1980, there were approximately 1,000 Muslims in Norway. Today, that number has grown to approximately 150,000. Most are immigrants and/or offspring of immigrants. Only 500 (estimated) are indigenous Norwegians who converted. As birth rates rapidly exceed non-Muslims, it is only a matter of time when Norwegians in Norway will become the minority, and the government will be electing people who will impose Sharia in baby steps until the giant steps cannot be impeded.

Such is the case in France, England, Germany, Spain and many other countries. According to the Pew Research Center, Muslims in Europe comprised 4.1% of the European population in 1990. Today, it is 8.0%. Meanwhile, the non-Muslim population in Europe has actually decreased since 1990, from 697 million people to 669 million. Projecting the demographics that will prevail in 2030 or even into the 22nd century is a matter of simple mathematics.

National leaders in Europe are beginning to show great concern. The heads of state in France, Germany and Great Britain have started to openly speak out, admitting that multi-culturalism has been a colossal failure and that the Muslim immigrant populations regrettably do not assimilate into their societies. Rather, they expect the host societies to adjust to their culture. Now, the Prime Minister of Norway, himself, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, is speaking out against the rise of Islamism and anti-Semitism. Please pay close attention to his words in this recent speech. Very revealing. (Scroll down half-way in this article for the video):

Click here: Norwegians Denounce Anti-Semitism and Rise in Muslim

There is an old saying about walking in the shoes of another before we judge. We, in America, do not feel what the Norwegian people are feeling today. And, the media is shamefully slow to report the full story as it relates to the rise of Islamic encroachment and anti-Semitism.

I grew up in a society which completely changed in a matter of one generation. Post-war Miami and Miami Beach was once a southern tourist resort made up of mostly northerners who had migrated from New York and other neighboring states, to enjoy a better life. Starting with the Castro revolution in 1960 and culminating with The Mariel Boat Life in 1980, Miami lost its identity as a southern resort town and became a bustling Latino city, often referred to as New Havana. Today, Miami-Dade County is 65% Hispanic.

But even with the cultural changes, the Cuban people assimilated into American life, started businesses, added to the economy and the spirit of multi-culturalism, with their music, their food their language and their personality. While descendants of Cuba hold their ethnic identity dear to their hearts, they also are proud to call themselves American. That cannot be said for all immigrants in this country, and in Europe.

When I travel to Europe, like any other tourist, I look forward to absorbing the culture, the language, history, music, art, and the people, all the elements that makes them French, or Italian, or British, or whatever. I dread the day when those cultural elements would ever be diluted, or even erased.

I would imagine, that’s part of what motivated Anders Behring Breivik, murderer and nutball that he is. Maybe something positive will come from all of it in the long run, if it means that Europe — and later, America — will wake up from the slumber. The time to start making changes is now, not five or ten years from now.

First step: Overhaul immigration laws and priorities.

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