Does anyone see what is happening?

The time was ripe. Starting in January of this year, not one, not two, but seven different Muslim countries erupted almost simultaneously into street uprisings by rebel civilians blaming the unrest on brutal dictators and other economic conditions. Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Iran.

For those who think this was all a spontaneous outcry for democracy, and not an organized siege organized behind the scenes by operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood, I have some waterfront lunar property to sell you.

In three of those countries, our president openly called for the leaders of existing regimes to step down; Egypt, Tunisia and Syria. Oddly, he did not call for the leadership of Iran to step down. Instead, he simply denounced the crackdown on protesters.

In Libya, he even sent in war planes to fire guns on Libyan government positions, without congressional approval. Must have really wanted to see a change in their government, not that the president is into nation building — which he campaigned vehemently against.

It may be true that the leadership of Egypt was firm and/or brutal but Hosni Mubarak was an ally of the United States and of Israel. So, why did we demand a friendly ally of our nation step down, when we knew the Muslim Brotherhood — a radical, Islamic theocratic organization — was lurking in the wings?

I think we know the answer.

I wrote blogs earlier this year, suggesting that these uprisings were all a power play by the radical Muslim Brotherhood to seize control of the mid-east, starting with Egypt. The media would have us all believe that these are all just simple citizens reaching out for democracy from brutal dictators. But there’s far more to the story, and it’s not good for America or for Israel.

In December, just prior to the uprisings, Tunisia’s president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali warned that the Muslim Brotherhood was positioning for a takeover, in Tunisia and in Egypt.

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The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, Rachid Ghannouchi, was cited in the Spero News saying that The Brotherhood has developed a strategy for post-revolutionary Tunis. Rachid Ghannouchi also said he supported the revolution in Libya. He also expressed his prediction that the “Arab Spring” was going to lead to the elimination of Israel. The Muslim Brotherhood is omnipresent — and no one’s paying attention.

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Anyone see a pattern?

Strangely, the administration is playing down any sense of threat from the Muslim Brotherhood. In February, the congressional hearings on Islamic terror were being held, and in response to a question, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, called the Muslim Brotherhood nothing more than a “secular” organization.

Huh? And he is the Director of National Intelligence?

I would submit that Mr. Clapper says what he is instructed to say. He has that job, because he will do just that.

This goes far beyond citizen uprisings. Now that our ally, Mubarak, is gone from Egypt, the elections are soon the be held. The Muslim Brotherhood — previously outlawed by Mubarak as being too extreme — is poised to assume power.

Remember, this is the organization whose manifesto calls for the destruction of the United States “from within,” and for Islam to one day rule the world. HAMAS — whose reason to exist is to destroy Israel — is a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Ironically, since the removal of Mubarak and the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Egyptian treaty with Israel is all but defunct. Egypt immediately opened the borders with Gaza which now serves as a conduit for weaponry importation, previously blockaded. Since then — not surprisingly — Israel has been under a new surge of artillery attacks from their southern border, while Hezbollah is firing on them from the north. Some of those attacks are with chemical weapons, declared illegal by the United Nations.

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This is like pride of lions starting to nip at the legs of the elephant, a little at a time, with one objective in mind. Meanwhile, what is the position of our president in the wake of all this unrest, when it’s clear that the nation of Israel is in the cross hairs of their energized enemies?

“Israel should return to pre-1967 borders,” said the president, music to the ears of the Muslim Brotherhood, because it will embolden the radical Islamic world that has been waiting for the right time to make a move toward the destruction of Israel. And the way it looks, with Egypt lost as an ally and the Brotherhood seizing control of much of the middle east change, that “right time” is just around the corner. They’ve certainly promised it enough times.

Now, the president is calling for the president of Syria to step down. By all reports, he is also a brutal dictator. But what do these “rebels” have in mind as a replacement?

Wanna guess?

The Muslim Brotherhood is strongly entrenched in Syria waiting for the right moment. And with powerful support from outside, that may be the next domino that falls after Libya. Powerful help? Check this recent article in the World Tribune which claims that Barack Obama has selected the Muslim Brotherhood over pro-democracy opposition to lead Syria. Selected? The anti-Nation builder selected the Muslim Brotherhood?

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Apparently, our president has not read the Muslim Brotherhood motto which includes:

…Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Then there’s Libya. The U.S. fought diplomatically, militarily and behind the scenes to unseat Ghadaffi, with none other than the Muslim Brotherhood poised to take over.

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So, maybe we should all think back to the president’s Islamic ties throughout life, his Cairo speech in 2009, and all the sucking up to Islamic organizations around the world and inside the U.S. ever since. It’s not hard to connect those dots, to see where the agenda has lied since the moment he took office.

Why now? Well, there’s always a chance that Obama might not be re-elected. With a new president who supports Israel and opposes radical Islamic leanings, such uprisings and takeovers by the Muslim Brotherhood might not have been possible. This way, he will have accomplished a huge mission before the end of his first term, a mission that will be impossible to reverse.

The manifesto for the Muslim Brotherhood is clear and concise, and it spells out the methods and strategies by which they intend on dominating the world with a caliphate in the western hemisphere. Our president certainly knows this. We all know this. They’ve made it crystal clear.

Yet, rather than taking a stance that would protect and serve the United States — and our allies — our president appears to be little more than a minion for the Muslim Brotherhood.

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New video pictures from Egypt’s streets, with newly emboldened Jew haters calling for the gas chambers to be ready.

The explanatory memorandum authored by the hierarchy of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’slong, but tells the story:

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