I have researched the Muslim Brotherhood extensively since I worked on my book in 2006-07 and through today, while I am working on a new book. I studied nearly thirty books, and hundreds of articles, written by scholars and experts in Islamic affairs, some of whom are Muslim, and some or former Muslims. They unilaterally identify the Muslim Brotherhood as a Jihad organization whose long range intent is to establish Islam as the only accepted religion in the west.

This organization is far reaching and has been the power behind many of the mid-east uprisings. They are poised to take control of Egypt and other nations when the dust settles. That is not good news for Israel or the United States.

Bottom line: The Muslim Brotherhood will fake “moderation” in order to reach their goals. They are a powerful entity and dangerous to America. More than sixty organizations have been spawned by and/or controlled and funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, yet we — our government — turn a blind eye. Hierarchy members of these organizations have oft been invited into the White House. It’s like inviting the closet members of the Nazi Party into a synagogue for an outreach for peace. While they smile and shake hands, the closet Nazis go into a back room and secretly plan conquest and destruction of the Jews.

Tarek Fatah is a prominent, secular Muslim intellectual living in Canada, and the author of the book, “Chasing A Mirage.” Please note the following paragraph quoted from Page 313 of his book. I especially hope well-meaning liberals will take note of this man’s words:

“Since 9/11, the Modus Operandi for those Islamist individuals and organizations who want to manipulate Western pluralism has been to pass themselves off as “Moderates.” They use the language of left-winfg activists; they sprinkle their language with references to the World Bank, social justice, debt relief, poverty and that key word “equity” to get well-meaning leftist liberals on side. And it has worked. What you see now is an unholy alliance between conservative Muslim organizations and the progressive liberal movement — two sets of ideologies that are diametrically opposed on every social issue. But they are now, since 9/11, bedfellows.

“Organizations like the MSA (Muslim Students of America), which acts as a farm team cultivating future members for ISNA and CAIR, are far more sophisticated than naive Westerners are ready to acknowledge.”

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