The tenth anniversary of the Radical Islamic war against the United States will be memorialized on September 11th of this year.

My wife, Suzanne, a noted sculpture artist, has spearheaded an art project in Melbourne, Florida, to commemorate the victims of that horrific attack.

Erected in the front lawn of the Unitarian Fellowship in Rockledge, facing busy U.S. #1, thirty canvass banners have been installed, each bearing the names of every innocent victim of that attack. Also in the display, there is a composite banner depicting the faces of each victim that perished in the twin towers that day. Other artistic articles are in place as well.

A tenth anniversary memorial service will be held at the Unitarian Fellowship hall, 3115 Friendship Place, 32955, on Sunday, September 11th, at 4 p.m., to include honor guard, music, speakers, etc. All who can attend, are invited.

For photos, taken the day of installation, click here:

Click here: Memorial to 911

While attending the installation and scanning the names on the banners, an emotional epiphany came over me, noting that each one of these human beings lived and loved and were tragically missed by thousands of brother, sisters, wives, husbands, children and parents, friends and associates…and for what?

I stopped and blindly pointed at one banner and saw that my finger landed on a name:

Michelle Renee Bratton

It could have been any name, didn’t matter.

Later, I took it upon myself to humanize that name. Indeed, Miss Bratton was a much-loved human being.

Only twenty-three years of age, Miss Bratton had recently finished college at the State University of New York at Oswego where she also served as a lifeguard. At college, she was a member of the Sigma Delta Tau Sorority. In high school, she had been a cheerleader and member of the dive team.

In August of 2001, one month before she died, she had just landed a job with Cantor Fitzgerald’s eSpeed Division as an executive assistant, a career in bloom. Their corporate offices occupied the 101st – 105th floors of the World Trade Center.

She was survived by loving parents, two brothers and a sister, not to mention more friends than anyone would hope for.

For a wonderful, sensitive testament to her life, please read the article published by Canadian Free Press writer, Bill Turner.

Click here: In Remembrance, Michelle Renee Bratton:

Miss Bratton, a loving and decent human being with dreams on the cusp of realization, was snuffed out like stepping on an ant, disregarded by her killers as a human, rather considered an enemy without even knowing her. And, it makes me angry. Very angry.

Multiply Michelle’s story times 2,977. That’s the number of innocents who perished in the worst attack in the history of America.

Michele Renee Bratton. Not to be forgotten.