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I have researched the Muslim Brotherhood extensively since I worked on my book in 2006-07 and through today, while I am working on a new book. I studied nearly thirty books, and hundreds of articles, written by scholars and experts in Islamic affairs, some of whom are Muslim, and some or former Muslims. They unilaterally identify the Muslim Brotherhood as a Jihad organization whose long range intent is to establish Islam as the only accepted religion in the west.

This organization is far reaching and has been the power behind many of the mid-east uprisings. They are poised to take control of Egypt and other nations when the dust settles. That is not good news for Israel or the United States.

Bottom line: The Muslim Brotherhood will fake “moderation” in order to reach their goals. They are a powerful entity and dangerous to America. More than sixty organizations have been spawned by and/or controlled and funded by the Muslim Brotherhood, yet we — our government — turn a blind eye. Hierarchy members of these organizations have oft been invited into the White House. It’s like inviting the closet members of the Nazi Party into a synagogue for an outreach for peace. While they smile and shake hands, the closet Nazis go into a back room and secretly plan conquest and destruction of the Jews.

Tarek Fatah is a prominent, secular Muslim intellectual living in Canada, and the author of the book, “Chasing A Mirage.” Please note the following paragraph quoted from Page 313 of his book. I especially hope well-meaning liberals will take note of this man’s words:

“Since 9/11, the Modus Operandi for those Islamist individuals and organizations who want to manipulate Western pluralism has been to pass themselves off as “Moderates.” They use the language of left-winfg activists; they sprinkle their language with references to the World Bank, social justice, debt relief, poverty and that key word “equity” to get well-meaning leftist liberals on side. And it has worked. What you see now is an unholy alliance between conservative Muslim organizations and the progressive liberal movement — two sets of ideologies that are diametrically opposed on every social issue. But they are now, since 9/11, bedfellows.

“Organizations like the MSA (Muslim Students of America), which acts as a farm team cultivating future members for ISNA and CAIR, are far more sophisticated than naive Westerners are ready to acknowledge.”

I could list scores of links. Here’s three.

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As we approach the ten-year anniversary of the attack on the United States, it’s only fitting that we commemorate those who perished that day. Thus, another name plucked at random from the 2,997 that appear on the memorial banners in Melbourne, Florida.

Moises Rivas was a simple man, complete with love, ambition and a lust for life. That’s probably why he had immigrated to the U.S. from Ecuador, the sea of opportunity was at his doorstep.

The following is taken from an article in the N.Y. Times, November, 2001:

“Moises Rivas first met Elizabeth at a local beauty pageant in Queens, where he was the lead singer of a band. He had made a $50 bet with another band member that he would get her to go out with him. “‘When he finished singing he came down from the stage and started talking to me,’ Elizabeth recalled, according to an article in the New York Times. ‘He asked for my phone number. Two weeks later we were going out, and we were still together six years later.’

“Moises Rivas had big dreams. He and Elizabeth were married and had two children, Moises Jr., 4, and Moesha, 2. At age 29, he wanted to be the next Emeril, so he took a job as a chef at Windows on the World. He also wanted to be the next Ricky Martin, so he wrote songs and became lead singer for a band that had recorded a CD.

“‘And, boy, he knew how to dance,’ his wife said. ‘He had some kind of moves. He could attract any girl. He was so-o-o cute. I just wish he could come back. I wish he was with me right now. It’s the only thing I wish.’ “There was another woman, his mother in Ecuador. ‘She couldn’t see him for 10 years because he was in New York, and then when she came up here after Sept. 11, she couldn’t see him either,’ Elizabeth said.”

Moises Rivas was working as a staff cafeteria cook on the top floor of the North Tower on September, 11, 2001 when American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the building. He was another one of those whose life was moving long normal and happy, gutted in a single instance by purveyors of hatred who didn’t even know him. One moment, he was frying eggs, the next, he was deciding between leaping into an inferno or leaping to the sidewalks of Manhattan 1200 feet below.

Before the building collapsed that day, Moises was able to make one final, desperate call to his family. His stepdaughter, Linda, answered the phone. Elizabeth, his wife, was out doing laundry. When Elizabeth heard the news about the World Trade Center attacks, she called home. This was her account:

“So I called Linda and said, ‘Linda, did Moises call?’ And she said, ‘Yes, not to worry, he is okay. He said he loves you no matter what happens. He loves you. That’s it.’”

Moises never had a chance to call again. Despite the chaos around him, he reached out to those he loved for one last message.

Love: That powerful emotion we often forget, but which ultimately supercedes all others, and dominates our final thoughts and feelings when we know our fate is sealed. Doesn’t matter if you’re American or Ecuadorian, white, brown or black, gay, straight, tall, short, rich or poor. Moises was about to die, and he thought about love.



It’s way too early to start predicting who will win the Republican nomination. And, much can happen between now and November of 2012 which could make Barack Obama seem like a hero  – or  – seem like a sap. Note the term: “Seem” because too many voters react to their impressions, and rarely to their knowledge of issues.

Regardless, no matter who is nominated, it is essential for the good of America that Barack Obama is ousted from office. Even if you are not thrilled with his opponent, you will be doing your nation a service by unelecting Barack Obama. If anyone cares about my reasons, please reference several of my past blogs. But the bottom line, it will be catastrophic to give this man four more years of unaccountability in which he will continue playing into the Muslim Brotherhood agenda and oversee the attempted destruction of Israel, then blame Israel for it all. This, not to mention turning on his own law-abiding countrymen (Arizona), building a power base among illegal immigrants and driving a spiraling the economy into the abyss while conveniently blaming George W. Bush, or some other past president.

Among the Republicans, these top ten would be my picks for president, in order. Bear in mind, not all of them have put their hat in the ring.

1. Rep. Allen West, from Plantation, Florida. No frills, solid American, straight-talking patriot who is fully educated on the threat of Radical Islamic globalization. A powerful military background of sacrifice to his country, a leader who inspires. (Not running) See link, below.

2. Rudy Gulliani, former Mayor of New York. Gutsy, straight talking politician who is equally unafraid and confrontational to the Radical Islamic threat. His mayoral stint in New York City is a model for leadership success, having implemented policies that cleaned up a dirty city and reduced crime. He’s a doer, not a talker. (Not running)

3. Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House. Probably the smartest candidate in the race and the best debater. Knows issues inside and out, and has openly spoken out against the rise of radical Islamic globalization. His past story of marital infidelity is a non-issue. Doesn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination, but he would trounce Obama in debates.

4. Mitt Romney, former governor of Massachussetts. Vetted as a successful businessman and governor, Romney know issues as well as any, and presents dignity and decorum to the office. Very “presidential.” Mormonism is a non-issue, and his approach to health care shows that he is open minded to providing a better system for everyone, but not the disastrous, illegal model forced down the throats of congress in Obamacare. Besides, by garnering Independents as well as Republicans, he could beat Obama.

5. Herman Cain, Businessman. Has shown intellect and guts in this campaign standing up to the most seasoned politicians by presenting logic and humility. Has no problem admitting when he’s not fully informed on a topic. He would surround himself with experts and solid Americans. Would not be surprised to see him as a VP on someone elses ticket.

6. Rep. Ron Paul. Another straight talker who comes across as believable, saying what he believes and not a canned speech to get elected. He touts the constitution as a revered document of laws that must be honored, and believes in less government control over people and business. I have doubts about his alliance with Israel, which is why I place further down the list.

7. Rep. Michele Bachmann. Smart, educated, experienced and a believer in constitutional values. She would surround herself with all-Americans, and help bring the economy to prosperity. Her open stance on some social issues will doom her candidacy, though she’s to be admired for sticking to her guns for what she believes. Head to head, I don’t think she’s as winnable against Obama as the others.

8. Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska. Almost a mirror image of Michele Bachmann in terms of values, religion, social issues and conservative politics. As such, she too would probably not fair well on the final ticket opposing Obama. She’s not running, and she should stay out, to avoid muddying the waters.

9. Gov. Rick Perry. Currently the front runner, with an impressive record in Texas. My concern (like in most politicians) is to whom he will owe the biggest of favors when he is elected. I am particularly concerned with his lenient stand toward illegal aliens and his close relationships with wealthy Islamists. But, he may well be as electable as Mitt Romney, if not moreso.

10. Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pa. A decent man with a good record. He stands as much of a chance of winning the nomination as I do. Could be that he’s staying the course to show he’s a good campaigner, for a shot at the VP. After all, who knew George Bush I would have picked a guy named Dan Quayle?

11. Mickey Mouse. Solid American, been around for 75 years, good sense of humor, and cares about people of all ages, sizes, colors and creeds. He probably won’t run, but if he did, he’d get my vote.

Click here: Allen West for President 2012



We went to see “Colombiana” expecting a middle-of-the-road movie, knowing it would be laden with flying bullets, crashes and super human survival skills. We chose this picture because we ran out of choices. (The best movies are due out in the fall) When all was over, we walked out saying, “Hey, that actually wasn’t such a bad picture.”

Zoe Saldana plays Cataleya Restrepo, a hit woman from Colombia who had witnessed the killing of her parents when she was a small girl. Now grown, and living in the United States, she has morphed into a hard-nosed, blood-lusting murder machine until she finally comes face-to-face with the killers of her father.

However contrived, there is a basic plot, with good guys and bad guys, and an interesting take on romance with a fellow to whom she cannot reveal anything about herself. Perhaps because Zoe is eye candy for most males in the audience, I found myself engrossed in her style, her good looks and her amazing physicality.

The movie has its share of fights and shootings, but at a more temperate level than a lot of other junk films of similar genre, because it also stuck to a story. Another refreshing departure from the norm, is the moderation in which vulgarities and gratuitous sex scenes are kept at a minimum.

The cops? Well, it’s a movie, I won’t pick on them too much. One “gotcha” was all wrong, which is the director’s mistake. It has to do with President Obama. Check it out, and let me know if you find it.

No big stars in this picture. However, keep a watch on the young girl who plays Cataleya as a nine-year-old, Amandla Stenberg. This is a stunning youngster who shows great promise to be a first class movie star in years to come.

The movie is unreal, implausible, silly in spots and full of inhuman acts. But knowing that ahead of time, you’ll find it truly entertaining and worth a couple hours of escapism.

Click here: Colombiana Interview (Zoe Saldana) – IMDb


I recently watched the news reports of London riots and couldn’t believe my eyes.

I’ll never forget the frightful feeling working in the midst of urban riots. Not fun. I was in Miami during four of them. Fortunately, I was never injured, nor did I injure anyone. I was one of the lucky cops.

It’s when you see the worst of people. It’s when you see the unseeable; violence for the sake of violence, a society out of control and fear gripping every human being in its path. A normal community suddenly becomes abnormal and all sanity disappears.

We in law enforcement, learned from it.

We learned that violence in a breath away in the minds and hearts of people on-the-edge who have developed hatred in their hearts. All that’s needed is a spark, a contrived reason, an excuse.

It really only takes a few to get it started. Then, it spreads like wildfire. It’s contagious to the young males who have little else and are saturated with drugs, alcohol and testosterone. Perhaps one or two dozen core insurgents start it off, knowing that followers and young radicals will jump into the fray for the sheer fun of it, looting stores, destroying property, being part of the fracas, exerting a surge of power, however temporary, because it — well — feels good.

In May of 1980 in Miami, the excuse was the acquittal of five police officers who were tried for killing an unarmed black man with night sticks. The same happened in 1992 when cops were acquitted of unnecessary brutality on Rodney King in Los Angeles.

Perhaps they should not have been acquitted. But they were. And the rioters went about burning, overturning cars, smashing businesses, torturing innocents, killing people and bringing a lot of attention to their “cause.” But their outrage only ravaged their own communities as they burned and maimed and killed among their own people, causing pain and suffering to black-owned business, schools, streets and children.

Perhaps O.J. Simpson and Casey Anthony should not have been acquitted either. But they were. Many folks were certainly upset, but they did not storm the communities en masse to kill, maim, burn and destroy.

Thirsting for news, the media invades the hood in search of human interest stories. The spin draws sympathy for the rioters and their plight of seeking justice for injustice. Meanwhile, less attention is paid to the truly innocent people who suffered and had nothing to do with the “issue” being protested. Despite the violence, police officers are ever-so-careful to avoid any action that could be remotely interpreted as “unnecessary,” to the point of taking no action at all. Timidity is seen as weakness, and the insurgents are emboldened further to carry out their terror.

It’s worse overseas. London rioters recently made international news when a man was shot by a police officer and the streets around England went into chaos. These kinds of shootings are not folly. In my thirty years, I’ve never ever known a cop that went to work wanting to shoot any man or woman, unless he/she was life-threatened. In London, the police were almost powerless to contain the situation, partly because there were so few of them and because they were under orders to avoid confrontation. Basically, police were overrun, over powered and embarrassed. The real losers were the citizens of England, because they saw that their country was vulnerable to sheer anarchy and their protectors were treated like wimps.

When the representatives (enforcers) of law and order are usurped by anarchy, a society will ultimately break down. From there, the purveyors of evil and power have Carte Blanche to impose their will, almost unrestrained. Eventually, freedoms of press, religion, and especially, speech, will go the way of the Dodo bird. That’s when folks will scratch their heads: Huh? What happened?

No one says it better than British writer/comic, Pat Condell, who is well known for his biting video monologues on sensitive issues. Please take four minutes to watch this one:

Click here: Britain is a riot – 3 Translation(s) | dotSUB

Two years ago, unhappy Islamists demonstrated in the streets of London, and when laws were being broken, the police tried to step in. Instead of maintaining order, the lawless demonstrators chased the London police who acted like wimps, scattering like frightened sheep. Obviously, they were under orders to run, not fight. That really made people feel protected. Check it out:

 Click here: London Muslim protesters attack police: “Run, you cowards! Kuffar!”

Can this come to America? Absolutely.

It’s only a matter of time.