One of my readers sent me her notes which she compiled regarding each juror as they were selected in the Casey Anthony trial. With her permission, I have posted them here. Ms. Brenner is an RN of 30 years. Her e-mail to me:

I watched all of the jury selection process through live stream on my computer. I took notes and compiled a list and then supplemented them with the information later posted by WFTV & CFnews13. Here is that information: I’ve bolded the criminal information to make it easier.
Seat 1 Juror # 1398
White female in 60s
Occupation: Retired nurse
Married, 2 children
Nancy Grace: “I choose not to watch.”
“I value life. I also value our criminal justice system as it has evolved. I accept the death penalty.”

Seat 2 Juror # 1019
African American male in 30s
Occupation: Information technology worker
Married, 2 children
Opposed to the death penalty and barely avoided being death disqualified
Low interest in case and not much knowledge about it
“God makes the final judgment.”

Seat 3 Juror # 1055
White female, age 32, who has moved back in with her mom
Occupation: Nursing school student
Single, no children
Has little knowledge of, nor interest in the case
She was involved in some sort of check bouncing deal. Lawyers and judge talked about it in sidebar and it wasn’t brought up again.

Seat 4 Juror #1319
African American woman, about 40
Occupation: Unknown
Single, no children
Reluctant to judge people, “That’s for God to do.”
Prosecution (Batson rule) tried to preempt challenge her. Defense objected that she was being eliminated just because of her race. Judge agreed
Plays games like Farmville
Doesn’t watch news
No opinion on DP
Once arrested for DUI that was pleaded down to careless driving

Seat 5 Juror # 1429
White female in her 60s
Occupation: Retired, hospital nurse’s aide
Divorced, 3 children
11th grade education
She had a DUI in 1998, and her son and grandson both had drug problems & prison sentences.

Seat 6 Juror # 1025
White male, aged 33Occupation: Chef, restaurant equipment company representative
Married, 2 children
College graduate
Has had a lot of travel in his job as chef/salesperson
Arrested and charged with possession and paraphernalia. Served probation.

Seat 7 Juror # 1007
White female, 41 years old
Occupation: Child welfare administrative assistant
Divorced, no children
Three years of college, one major was sociology
Her mother was an attorney
She is very bright and reads two papers
She says she doesn’t really want to be on the jury but will serve because “It’s how I was raised.”

Seat 8 Juror # 3015
White female in 50s
Occupation: Service rep and former manager for Verizon
Married, 2 children
Says she has relatively little exposure to pretrial publicity
Moderate attitudes toward the death penalty

Seat 9 Juror # 3185
White male, aged 53
Occupation: Unemployed former logger
Single, no children
Revealed his name is “Jim” and said friends told him they heard his voice
Grew up in San Francisco Bay area
6 out of 10 on the death penalty scale
Nephew is a cop
Says of law enforcement: “Pleased to have them protecting us.”

Seat 10 Juror # 3310
White male, aged 57
Occupation: Verizon retention specialist
Single, no children, never married
Says he had little exposure to Anthony case
He seems to have a low level job (retention specialist) for a guy with a BA in Business Administration
He gave almost perfect answers to questions from judge, as though he really wanted to be on the jury
Death penalty scale: 6 out of 10. He said, “It’s set. It’s an unfortunate result of actions.”
His sister, along with her boyfriend, committed a violent crime against their dad. She spent time in prison.

Seat 11 Juror # 3016
White male in 30s
Occupation: PE and Health teacher in high school, studying for an online masters degree in special education
Single, no children
Watches little TV, never watches Nancy Grace
Says it would be difficult for him to vote for death: “I guess I could consider it, but having to make that decision would be very tough for me.”
Very certain about his ability to be fair
Called for jury duty but not selected for a jury

Seat 12 Juror # 3140
White female in 40s
Occupation: Publix cook
Married, 2 children
Strong supporter of death penalty (10 out of 10 on scale)
Worked at day care center and supports death penalty for first degree murder of a child
Wants to be on the jury
In response to “who are you” question, she said, “Old fashioned.” “My kids think I’m a great mom.”
Alt 1 Juror # 3093
White female, 48 years old
Occupation: Surgical technician
Married, 2 children
Likes sports on TV better than news
She wasn’t questioned extensively

Alt 2 Juror # 3170
White male, late 40s
Occupation: American government teacher in high school and drop out prevention coordinator
Third marriage, 1 son, 2 stepchildren
Would vote to repeal death penalty

Alt 3 Juror # 4013
White female, 37 years old
Occupation: Cashier at car dealership
Widow; She has a 12-year-old son and lives with her parents
Her husband died in prison where he was in on drug charges.
Married for 14 years but they did not live together
She said a few times, “I hope she didn’t do it.” When asked to expound on that she said that she was hoping the girl would be found and said she was hoping that no crime had been committed
Doesn’t really have opinion on DP

Alt 4 Juror # 4192
White male, around 25
Occupation: Carpenter
Single, no children
From age 18-21 he spent time in Orlando. Went there to party at UCF, etc.
Neutral on death penalty

Alt 5 Juror # 3308
White male, 39
Occupation: Water plant operator
Married, no children
Opposed to DP because of biased application
He was the baseball ticket guy
Long hair, looks kinda like Jesus
Was almost gone, but instead of striking him both sides agreed that he would be the last alternate. This agreement happened outside of court.