If anyone has any doubts about the pervasive hatred toward Jews, as taught and indoctrinated to Muslims and particularly children of Islam in the middle east, one only has to watch this composite video. (Put out by MEMRI – Middle East Media Research Institute. See link below)

I specify, “taught to children of the middle east,” as I am fully aware that there are Muslims in other parts of the world like Indonesia, China, Russia and even America, that do not share these views. But, so what? They don’t matter, because the so-called non-haters are rarely heard speaking out against Muslims who hate, or against the horrid, hateful propaganda that is spoon fed within mosques and madrassas all over the world, especially in the middle east. .

Moderate Islamists who do speak out, generally reserve their comments to opposing “violence” and “terror,” because it’s easy for anyone to say they condemn violence. But do the Muslims of America and the rest of the free world condemn propaganda against Jews and vile hatred of the Jews, in general?

Some of the hate propaganda is beyond belief, yet the pictures and the words do not lie.

Before watching this chilling video, here’s the time line:

0 – It begins with a Hamas deputy on television stating that “Jews suffer from mental disorders, that they are all thieves and aggressors. Add also, “They are a foreign bacteria, a microbe unparalleled in the world.”

1:04 – An Egyptian cleric explains justification in hating Jews, because it’s based in the Muslim faith as prescribed in the Koran.

1:15 – Another Islamic cleric emphatically states that Muslims will never love Jews, that they are always the enemy, even if they abandon Palestine.

1:40 – A Qatar cleric also assures the world of Muslims that Jews will always be the enemy even if they leave Palestine.

1:47 – A Palestinian cleric announces “Our vengeance against the Jews will only subside with their annihilation.”

2:08 – An Egyptian cleric teaches, the worst enemies of Muslims, after Satan, are the Jews, so says the Koran.

2:17 – A dignified, conservatively dressed Iranian tells his listeners on TV how Jews have been involved in mass killings of French people in the 1980’s and British children, who were also killed by rabbis, in order to take their blood.

3:01 – Another Egyptian researcher, well-dressed, tells about Jewish atrocities toward children in order to collect their blood and inject it into matzo for Passover.

3:26 – Dr. Sallah Sultan, president of the American Center for Islamic Research, (Get that? AMERICAN) teaches how Jews kill people every year in order to use their blood for matzo at Passover.

4:09 – Actors play roles in a short movie depicting Jews luring a boy in order to kill him, slit his throat and use the blood for Passover matzo.

5:08 – An Egyptian cleric on TV relates how Shimon Peres’ Israeli soldiers mowed down Egyptian POW’s with tanks then filled their helmets with the blood of Egyptians.

5:46 – A Muslim cleric holds a small class with seven attentive children, in Arabic, telling stories that debase Jews, saying they “are people of treachery, betrayal and vileness.”

8:01 – A little girl, about four years old, is being coaxed to repeat phrases of how Jews are “apes and pigs” and that it says so in the Koran.

8:22 – Animated segment of cartoon characters, depicting Jews as apes and pigs.

The video goes to 22:58 minutes. Also included are longer segments in which Islamist journalists on television are arguing over how many Jews were really “burnt” in the holocaust. Then, another cleric talks about the fate of Jews by Hitler that was “divine punishment.”

At 20:12 an Egyptian cleric narrates the German annihilation of the Jews, highlighted by stark B&W Nazi films, that they were ‘deserving of Allah’s wrath.”  Take the time, please:

Why pass this around? Because it never ceases to amaze me how some folks talk about Israel being the bad guys, that Israeli’s are inhumane, that Israel must give, give and give to the Palestinians, regardless of the overwhelming evidence that the pervasive hatred toward Jews will never cease in the fundamentalist Islamic world. It hasn’t in 1400 years.

 Then, of course, our president had the audacity to stand up for the Palestinians before the world, suggesting that Israel cede their borders, knowing that it would portend the ultimate destruction of that small but productive  nation.

Barack Obama has not condemned Jewish hatred in the middle-east. Instead, his administration talks about building bridges with the Jew-hating Muslim Brotherhood, knowing full well that their agenda is unyielding toward destruction of the Jewish state. This pleases the Islamist world and petrifies the people of Israel.

This kind of Islamic hatred is well known by insiders and leaders within our government. And now that an American president has stood by the side of the Palestinians, the haters are more emboldened than ever.