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For years, I have been writing about the threat of stealth jihad within the United States. Some folks learn, listen and educate themselves, then pass on that knowledge to others. Other folks who choose to wear blinders call people like me, right-wing nuts, kooks, xenophobes, bigots, racists, and any other label that detracts from the core issue.

This blog is to introduce Tarek Fatah, a Muslim, Canadian intellectual, born in India, who considers himself secular and progressive. Mr. Fatah says that he is a liberal who campaigned for Barack Obama. I will post his more detailed biography below. However, I implore everyone who opens this blog to view this 15-minute video of Mr. Fatah giving a recent speech in Canada. It is impassioned, it is informational and it is profoundly important for voting adults in America to hear.

He minces no words. He is politically incorrect. He tells it the way it is. Pay particlar attention to the segment beyond 11:30. (Sorry, the following is the URL…but WordPress is in a kink and won’t accept the link…so you’ll have to copy and paste)

Fatah describes himself as “an Indian born in Pakistan; a Punjabi born in Islam; an immigrant in Canada with a Muslim consciousness.” Author of Chasing a Mirage: The Tragic Illusion of an Islamic State, Fatah has been a political activist since his teens in Pakistan where he was twice jailed for organizing protest campaigns against successive military governments in 1968 and 1970. A journalist by profession, Fatah started his career as a reporter and went on to be an award-winning investigative news producer at Pakistan’s state television network, PTV. In 1978, Fatah was charged with sedition and had to leave the country. After a 10-year stint in the Middle East, Fatah and his family moved to 1987 to Canada where he has been the public face of progressive, liberal and secular Muslims. In December 2001, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, Fatah founded the Muslim Canadian Congress to provide a voice for Muslims who wanted to stand up to the threat of Islamic extremism.

The world would be a far more peaceful planet if 1.4 billion Muslims had such an outlook as this man, and Dr. Zuhdi Jasser.


As baseball’s annual All-Star game gets under way for the 78th time in 2011, I feel compelled to redirect my thoughts and from the ills of the world to America’s sport and all the heroes and legends that it brings to mind.

All-star games are supposed to comprise the very best players in the game into one field, regardless of the team or city they play for. Yes, it’s a commercial enterprise, but the fans love it, and it’s worth seeing players like Pujols and Halladay and Fielder and Bautista and Jeter all together at one time, one place, one team, one game, even if the end result means nothing.

Baseball is a game Ddominated by statistics. Player contracts, team performance and entry into the fabled Hall of Fame are all based on the numbers. But numbers can be deceiving.

Pitcher Nolan Ryan had almost as many losing seasons as he had winning. That was because he drew the short straw in playing with losing teams who couldn’t swing bats and score runs. Nevertheless, he amassed 324 lifetime wins with four teams which would have easily totaled over 400 had he played for the Yankees or the Dodgers. In one year, the power pitcher won only eight games and lost sixteen, but led the league with the best earned-run average at 2.76. You figure. Clearly, Ryan was the most gifted pitcher in history. No one comes close to his seven no-hitters and 5,714 strikeouts, records that will likely never be broken. Fortunately, Ryan retired in 1993 which means he averted the taint of the steroid era.

Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron and so many more are often touted as the best of all time. Wholly fascinated as a boy, I watched a segment of a game on an oaken television set with a screen no bigger than four inches, a magnifier mounted to its front. That was 1948. Joe DiMaggio came to bat slammed a ball the left field. The fans screamed. I was hooked.

In 1951, I listened on radio as the baseball announcer shouted, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant.” Bobby Thomson, a relative nobody, had just hit a 9th inning homer to beat the dodgers and propel the Giants into the World Series. No matter whose side you were on, it defined “excitement.” Hooked again.

In terms of nature’s gift and sheer talent, no player could compare to Boston’s Ted Williams.
Many biographies have been written about his modest beginnings and his rise into the majors. General manager Eddie Collins discovered Williams, a 19 year-old athlete, in 1937 and remarked, “He stood out like a brown cow in a field of white cows.”

No batter, before or since, ever had the eye-hand coordination of Ted Williams. Writers and players alike all marveled at his bionic-like skill at watching the ball, no matter its speed, actually connect with the swinging bat.

Statistically, Williams was deprived of many lifetime records by World War II and the Korean War in which he served as a Marine fighter pilot a total of five years and dozens of combat missions. Though not known as a power slugger, like Ruth, Aaron and Bonds, his lifetime 521 home runs would likely have topped 720 had he not missed the prime of his playing years in which he averaged 35-40 homers a year. That would have been second to Babe Ruth.

He easily would have topped the 3,000 hit mark, and even approached Ty Cobb’s then record of 4,189, had it not been for serving in the military.

Most uncanny, was Williams’ ability to hit. Until his waning years before retirement, Williams never batted under .317, and managed a lifetime average of .344, seventh all-time, and first among players in the modern era. Today’s players would be paid $15 million a year if they could hit .344 in only one season, yet a lifetime.

Most notable, Ted Williams was the last player to bat over .400, a mark now standing for 70 years. A remarkable story goes with it.

In 1941, Williams was batting an even .400 when the last day of the season called for a double-header. The pennant had already gone to the Yankees and the games inconsequential, so the Red Sox manager offered Williams a chance to sit out the game and secure his coveted, very rare batting average. Williams declined. He did not want the milestone average to stand by default, he wanted to earn it, or lose it. Williams played two games that day, and managed six hits in two games, raising the final average to .406. Class act.

No one has come close since. Such is the case with many of his records, too numerous to outline in a short blog.

So, with the annual All-Star bash about to start, we should honor the All-Star of all the All-Stars, Ted Williams, the Splendid Splinter, great American, war hero, avid fisherman, and arguably, the greatest baseball player of all time.

Who said, “They don’t make ‘em like that any more?”

There’s more to the story, but that’s enough for now.


In a remarkable bipartisan show of support for Israel and condemnation of the purveyors of hate within the Gaza and West Bank areas, the U.S. Congress just passed Resolution 268, by a whopping majority of 407 votes “For”, and only 6 “Against.” Another 13 voted “Present” thus taking no stand one way or the other, tantamount to a vote “Against.”

The resolution calls for the suspension of Foreign Aid to Gaza/West Bank Palestinians until they agree to acknowledge Israel and to finally agree to sit at the negotiating table to begin genuine peace talks.

Yes, the U.S. gives foreign aid to Gaza/West Bank Palestinians. It’s not even a country. Depending on what source you subscribe to, and what year (2009 or 2010), they generally rank 7th on the list, behind Afghanistan, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt and Sudan. In 2009, that amounted to almost $1 billion of American tax dollars. Meanwhile, we can all access the internet and watch their mobs in the street scream “Death To America!”

True, the money is designated for humanitarian assistance, but we all know how that actually works. Rarely, does foreign aid in any of these countries end up where it is meant for.

This vote not only shores up support for Israel as an ally and partner in world peace, it sends a powerful message to our president that we, the people of the United States, are not prepared to make unreasonable and disastrous demands upon Israel until the Palestinians show good will in recognizing Israel’s right to exist. President Obama’s recent announcement demanding Israel’s return to the 1967 borders has blown up in his face.

There were a total of 19 congressman who did not vote for the resolution. In other words, these 19 congressmen and women, in my view, basically sided with Hamas. Here are their names:

Voting against:

Dennis Kucinic, D – Oh

Nick Rahall, D – WV

Ron Paul – R – Tx

Walter Jones, D – NC

Eral Blumenauer, D – Or

Justin Amash, R – Mi

Voting Present: (all Democrats)

Lynn Woolsey

Barbara Lee

Fortney Stark

Maxine Waters

Andre Carson

Chellie Pingree

Donna Edwards

Keith Ellison

Betty McCollum

Eddie Johnson

James Moran

James McDermott

Gwen Moore

Five were unable to vote, i.e. Gabreille Giffords, etc.

For more information, access these links:

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Click here: U.S. House passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians




Meet Abdul Rahman, a pseudonym for a man who was born and raised in Afghanistan. In 1990, at age 25, he worked for a humanitarian aid group in Pakistan, providing medical support for Afghan refugees, run by a Catholic organization. That’s when he converted to Christianity. As most folks know, it is a dangerous decision in the fundamentalist world to leave Islam.

Rahman moved to Germany where he sought and received asylum in Germany. His wife divorced him for changing religions. Later, after the fall of the Taliban in 2002, Rahman was deported back to Afghanistan. His entire family disowned him, parents included, because of his conversion. In 2006, his family reported him to the Afghan police and he was arrested for possessing a bible. He was later charged with apostasy and sentenced to death.

Pay close attention to the words of Ansarullah Mawlafizada, the Afghan judge in Kabul:

“The Prophet Muhammad has said several times that those who convert from Islam should be killed if they refuse to come back, Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance, kindness and integrity. That is why we told him if he regrets what he did, then we will forgive him. If he does not repent, you will all be witness to the sort of punishment he will face.” (beheading)

The case became widely known via the international news circuit. The western world intervened with outcries of barbarianism in Afghanistan and demanded his release. This was led by the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Not one Islamic country so much as objected, yet demanded mercy. Not one.

Under the international spotlight, Rahman was released and then found asylum in Italy. (One can only wonder about the numbers of aspiring apostates who have not been given a media spotlight. Then again, it’s no wonder that so few ever choose another religion)

Rahman has since become a crusader for exposing the truth behind the long range goals, intentions and strategies of radical Islam, as it relates to conquering the west.

Besides Rahman, there are many other apostates who have left Islam and embarked on efforts to warn the United States and Europe of what our grandchildren will face if we do not stand up to the impending threat of creeping Sharia. These are the people who know, who have lived within the dark secrets of that world, who are courageous enough to risk their own safety in order to speak out so we can become better informed.

I invite the readers of this blog to use Google to learn, verify and become enlightened. Here’s a few notable former Islamists who have written and spoken out. They all have web sites:

Walid Shoebat

Nonie Darwish

Wafa Sultan

Abdullah al Araby

Ali Sina

Anwar Shaikh

For a more complete list of apostates who have been speaking out, visit this web site:

Click here:

I would submit that any Americans who have not studied and researched this issue, and listened to the stories and warnings of valiant people like Abdul Rahman, yet criticize people like myself who are trying desperately to awaken a comatose society, are inadvertantly aiding and abetting the enemy of the free world. Those who would vote for anyone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood, are aiding and abetting the fall of America as we know it. Anyone who defends the Muslim Brotherhood and all it’s spin-off organizations like CAIR, the MSA and ISNA, are aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States.

Read the warnings. These people know what they are talking about.

According to Abdul Rahman:

* Muslims believe Islam will rule the west, and very soon.

* The gullible west, has no clue.

* Muslims will not tell the truth about jihad

* American laws will protect Muslims

* Democrats and leftists will support radical Islamists

* The U.S. infrastructure, including educational institutions, government entities, law enforcement, prisons, legal systems and much more, will be used to the advantage of the eventual conquering of America.

* They will use the welfare systems

* They will use sleeper cells

* They will use children

* The west will use guns and tanks while the Muslims will manufacture children and conquer by birth rates alone.

For more details, please read this article by Abdul Rahman, authored a couple years ago.

Click here: Citizen Warrior: Warning To The West

Robert Spencer is a scholar and author who has written many best selling books on radical Islam in the world. Here is a 4-minute video in which he refers to apostasy and Rahman, and the sources of Islamic law that calls for the death penalty.

Click here: The Price of Apostasy « Hot Air

More links to learn from:

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A few thoughts to share about the Casey Anthony matter, now that it has passed into history.

1) I thought the attorneys on both sides did a credible job. The State Attorney’s team worked with the evidence that was available. The defense team’s job — as with any defense team — was to get their client into the victory corner, which is what they did.

2) The opening statements by attorney Jose Baez, alleging that the victim had drowned in the pool and that Casey’s dishonest behavior had something to do with being molested by her father years before, I thought, were unethical and perhaps even worthy of reprobation unless the defense had presented some supporting testimony or evidence, which they did not. Instead, they planted a seed into the jury’s mind, concocted out of thin air based on no evidence whatsoever. They got away with it. Worse yet, it worked.

Something wrong with that.

3) Like most who followed the trial, I thought Casey Anthony would have been convicted, at the very least, of Manslaughter by Aggravated Child Neglect. Convictions based on circumstantial evidence are not that unusual, and the evidence in the Anthony case strongly pointed to Casey being the central figure in the disappearance and death of her child — to the exclusion of anyone else. That was supported by testimony revealing lie after lie during a time that her daughter was missing, her frivolous and uncaring behavior, the chloroform, the hair in the trunk, the smell of rotting death, the duct tape on the mandible of the skull, none of which could have been self-inflicted. All pointed to death by mother, even if it was a chloroform-induced accident.

4) Using the father and the mother and the brother as agents of confusion, was nothing more than a defense tactic not supported by any evidence. Even if the father had an affair, it had no bearing on the killing of Caylee. Much like the shell game, the defense goal was to make the jury look here and there, and everywhere but at the source of the guilt. And the jury members fell for it. It was an effective ploy.

Equally deplorable, was her calloused effort at throwing everyone along the way under the proverbial bus, including her parents, friends and people she didn’t even know. The jury should have seen through that.

5) There was no doubt in my mind that Casey Anthony murdered her child for selfish reasons, but I can understand the jury being reluctant to find a guilty verdict for 1st Degree Murder because the cause of death was not determined. The testimony of Dr. G specified that the child could only have died as a result of homicide, but she was unable to pin-point the actual cause.

6) I admired the judge in this trial, as he maintained decorum and dignity in the court at all times and issued rulings with a fair but stern demeanor. However, I could not understand allowing primary witnesses to sit in and monitor the courtroom. That never was allowed in my sixteen years in Homicide in Miami-Dade.

7) I thought Jose Baez, who was relatively inexperienced in high-profile trials, conducted himself with dignity, particularly with his post-trial remarks to the press. He offered praise of each one of the prosecution team members, by name. He also decried the death penalty, and claimed he felt he had saved a life by the verdict. Being an advocate of abolishing capital punishment in America, I agreed with this. Of course, he also said that Casey Anthony did not murder her daughter. He’s too smart not to know that’s simply untrue.

I thought his senior partner, Cheney Mason, was out of line in severely admonishing on-camera lawyers and pundits during the course of the trial. Those remarks were scornful, unprofessional and inappropriate for that moment.

7) Now, about Casey Anthony.

Unfortunately, I have known many people like Casey Anthony both in my professional and personal life. Sociopaths can skate through life blaming everyone else in the world for the problems they create for themselves, then embark upon a path of diversions and untruths without conscience, regardless of who it hurts or what damage is done.

They have the ability to look you in the face and draw your love and sympathy, all the while, manipulating you to get what they want…for the moment. They never feel shame. They can pass polygraph tests easily because they do not have a sense of guilt. They want what they want, and will go to any extent to get it.

Casey now knows what jail is like and the consequences of any illegal acts she may embark on in the future. It will have made her smarter, more clever and even emboldened. The leopard does not change its spots and, sadly, she is destined to be a sociopath for most of her life unless she seeks serious, long term psychological counseling. Don’t hold your breath.

I’m sure she will have pangs of fond remembrances of her daughter, but not hold any real sense of guilt for what she did.

Following this trial, she will finish her jail time, theN battle law suits and other spin-off problems. She will also be the target of profit mongers in the world of television, magazines and even books, for which she will likely cash in.

Will she have a productive life? I doubt that her relationship with mother and father will ever mend. But fame has its predators. There will be opportunities for her in the near future as the plethora of young rich men slime their way into her life’s sphere to score with the now-famous celebrity. And Casey will soak it up as much as she can.

After all, where else can she go?

8) Caylee Anthony?

She had no say-so in any of this as her final resting place ended up in a trash bag.

Her grandparents will certainly enjoy her memory.