In this article, I’m going to make a very big deal out of something, many of you will consider, trivial. It’s a mere three-word remark by the president. Here’s why:

Ever since the 2008 campaign when indulging Americans delved and researched into the life and convictions of the true Barack Obama, I have doubted his veracity, in many aspects. I doubt his religion, I doubt his true political agenda and I doubt his Americanism. I am not alone, there are millions who share these views. (And we are not all right-wing nuts)

Why is this important? Because we don’t need an enemy in the White House pretending to be something he is not.

I do hope I am wrong. But I doubt it.

Never in American history, regardless of partisan leanings, has a president’s honesty and intentions been so questionable. His loyal followers, without regard to facts, are the first to use worn-out terms like “racist” when, in fact, Mr. Obama’s racial make-up is the virtual red carpet upon which he strolled into the White House. Had any white candidate with so many dubious and sordid past associations and behaviors run for office, he/she would not have stood a chance. But, people were ready to show the world we were not a racist country and that we could elect someone of color. People were caught up in Afrodisia ( spelling mistake intended) and chose to ignore and/or make endless excuses for the litany of controvertible and pernicious traits attached to this man.

There are many dubious concerns, such as his efforts toward socializing the nation, his stance on illegal aliens, and so forth. To me, there nothing more disconcerting than Mr. Obama’s leanings toward radical Islam, because that alone will trump all other matters for Americans as time goes on. I have often wondered, based on his childhood orientations, his chosen friendships in early adulthood and his actions since rising to prominence, just how close Mr. Obama is to Islam. Though he denies it openly, millions still wonder if Mr. Obama is a Muslim behind closed doors, and a public Christian for political expediency.

I could site many examples, but this moment during an interview with George Stephanopoulos during the campaign of 2008, still sticks in my throat.


“My Muslim Faith…”

Right, I’m making a big thing out of a little gaff.


This was not quoting an error in trivia about the number of states in America or where John Wayne was born. This was a personal reference to himself. Freud could have used this for his essays in egoism and deceit. Who do you know that ever made a gaff, especially a bright, articulate lawyer running for office, misspeaking his religion? Who do you know that ever mistakenly said, “My Muslim faith,” who was not a Muslim?

Of course, the Afrodisiacs in the national media glossed over the gaff like it was nothing, and accused doubters like me of being racists and Islamophobes. That’s a good tactic, shift the shells around and change the focus….so people like myself are suddenly in defense, while Mr. Obama walks away the victim, instead of the suspect.

Think hard about it folks: “My Muslim faith.”

He had to be reminded by Stephanopoulos, another Afrodisiac, that he’s supposed to be a Christian.

If I had seen evidence that I was wrong about Obama since his election, I would not bring up this issue, though still wonder how a non-Muslim could ever say “My Muslim faith.” But as I reflect on the apologies to the Islamic world, the speeches in Egypt, his handling of Mubarak, his handling of the Ft. Hood shooting (“Don’t jump to conclusions.”), his employing devout Islamists in the Department of Homeland Security, calling for Israel to concede borders to the Palestinians, and so forth, and so forth, I consider his gaff a huge, a VERY HUGE issue.

Now, as I predicted last February, Obama’s call for the removal of Egypt’s Mubarak would only lead to the rise of the dangerous Muslim Brotherhood, the umbrella organization for worldwide Jihad. He had to know that, if I knew that. And, as the latest reports reveal, Obama’s administration is reaching out to the Muslim Brotherhood to form friendship, without regard to its basic purpose: to establish Islamic caliphates around the world, and especially in the western world.

So, do I think Mr. Obama is a Muslim? If he’s not, he’s the best thing that ever happened to the radical Islamic world.

And, please, spare me the “Obama got Osama” spiel. That wasn’t a gutsy call, that was a “no choice” call.

Beware, next election, if Obama gets 4 more years on a platter, without accountability, no more elections.

Remember, the manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood, clearly states:

“….destroy their miserable house (America) FROM WITHIN.”

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