How soon we forget. It’s nearly two years.

On November 5, 2009, at 1:30 in the afternoon, a radical Islamic terrorist with the rank of Army Major, Nidal Hasan, walked into a crowded room full of soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas, shouted “Allahu Akhar,” and let loose with over 200 rounds of ammunition targeted for Americans in uniform. Another 177 rounds of unfired ammunition was found on his person after he was subdued.

He murdered 14 innocent human beings (including one unborn child) and wounded another 29. Valiant police officers finally wounded the suspect, saving many more lives. The military soldiers were compelled to be unarmed on base by an established policy imposed by armchair geniuses.

Without listing them all, there were numerous red flags and behaviors to indicate that Hasan was a radical Muslim with extremism leanings. This was known to everyone around him, yet he was ignored, promoted and given access to military process. He also was known to use his psychiatric counseling responsibilities to evangelize for Islam. Imagine being a soldier coming back from Afghanistan with PTSD issues, then listening to admonishments in praise of Allah by an Army officer?

This was going on, unabated, for way too-long, until he carried out his plan of multiple death. Yet, no one did anything. No one! It was politically incorrect to criticize or question a Muslim. Because of that, fourteen good Americans died and twenty-nine others were shot, leaving many spouses and children behind.

The U.S. Army, the Secretary of Defense and whoever else played a role in enforcing such a self-disastrous policy, should be charged and stand trial for aiding and abetting Nidal Hasan. It would never have occurred if it had not been for them.

That happened twenty months ago. TWENTY months ago. And we are still waiting resolution. There were — not one, not two — but 29 wounded witnesses, in addition to those who were not shot and the police officers. He has acknowledged being the shooter. Legalese aside, there is absolutely no doubt what happened, who did it, his motives, or his state of awareness. So what’s the delay? Dare we ask: Could it be politics? Could it be that such a case might hold potential revelations that would not bode well for this president prior in the 2012 election?

Forget the usual coinage about “constitutional issues” and “it takes time.” I worked hundreds of murder cases. A homicide detective would have drooled over the existence of so many valid witnesses to one act of murder. Prosecutors would have been propositioning defense lawyers within days or weeks, — “Plead out. Save a long and costly trial. Get life, not death. This one is a done-deal.”

If Hasan had not been wounded, this prosecution could have been held within four months. The killer has long since recovered and still awaits court martial. As it stands, he was not formally arraigned until July 20th of this year, and the judge has set a trial date for March 5th, 2012. That’s two years and five months from the killings. And, I’ll wager anyone there will be no trial until after November.

Now, are you holding on to your monitor?

Nidal Hasan is still receiving full pay while retaining his rank as Army Major? Yes, you the taxpayers are paying this terrorist $200 + thousand a year, plus his medical needs and other care and maintenance. Are we nuts? Are we deaf, dumb and blind?

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When Ft. Hood occurred, the president arrived at a press conference, made several unrelated comments and about two minutes into the speech, “As you may have heard, there’s been a tragic shooting at the Dort Hood Army Base.” He followed up with some obligatory remarks about sympathy and feelings toward the families. Later, he told us — Us, Americans who have been under attack by Islamic radicals since our hostages were seized in Iran in 1979 — that we should not jump to conclusions.

Not jump to conclusions? A radical Muslim screams Allahu Akbar and shoots 41 unarmed soldiers on a military base, and we’re not supposed to jump to conclusions?

Three thousand innocent people were murdered in an act of war by Islamic radicals on September, 11, 2001, and we’re not supposed to jump to conclusions?

Sixteen thousand innocent human beings have been murdered around the world in terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001, by Islamic radicals, and we’re not supposed to jump to conclusions?

I remember being interviewed by John Stossel in 2000, for a 20/20 program about racial profiling. I had written an Op-Ed in which I declared profiling to be necessary, sometimes, depending on the situation. He was clearly trying to make me out to appear as a racist. During the interview, I posed a question back. “John, let me ask you a question. When you first heard about the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, what was the first thing that came to your mind?”

“Arabs,” he said.

I replied, “You just profiled.”

The producer hollered “Cut!”

The segment was never aired.

The truth: Everyone relates terrorism to Islamic radicalism, even those rare times when it’s not true.

 Here’s a conclusion, Mr. President: Nidal Hasan is an Islamic terrorist that was home-grown while under the watchful eyes of the very people who are supposed to be defending America. And he murdered our soldiers, who were left defenseless by a stupid policy. Our government leaders are responsible for the actions of Nidal Hasan. They are people who are ignorant, naive, politically motivated and stupidly disregarded all the overt warning signs. They are people who haven’t a clue about the nature of the enemy of the United States, the very enemy who has sworn to bury us — FROM WITHIN.

It is important that we show the world what will happen when someone, anyone, embarks on a terror attack against innocent people inside America. The results must be swift, certain and severe. Any other approach, and America will be seen as nothing more than a paper tiger. Vulnerable. Conquerable.

No more delays. It’s time for Nidal Hasan to face justice. If not, it’s time for the Justice Department to face justice.

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