Not reported by mainstream media, the Obama White House held an Israeli summit on July 11th where a number of representatives were in attendance known as the mid-east quartet. Among them, besides the U.S., envoys from the United Nations, the European Union and Russia, convened to map out a plan to settle the Palestinian problem, based on President Obama’s speech of May 19th. Israel was apparently not present.

Connecting the dots, the timing makes sense. It’s now two months since Barack Obama’s speech in which he called for Israel to cede the pre-1967 borders to the Palestinians, which was met with outrage and disillusionment by every supporter of Israel in the world. Prime Minister Netanyahu, — in response — gave an impassioned speech to our congress, decrying such a demand as virtual suicide to Israel.

Never, in history, has the United States ever backed away from its undying support of Israel.

Supposedly, the U.N. will be meeting on July 26th to vote on the issue of assigning statehood to Palestinians, regardless of the border dispute, and regardless of Israel’s perennial position that their enemies must accept the right of Israel to exist. If approved by the UN, they will debate if, when or how Israel’s land will be seized (seized?) allegedly to take place in September when the new Palestinian borders may be established.

Sources I’ve read claim that 116 of the 192 U.N. members are ready to vote for acceptance of the Palestinian state. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) comprises, by far, the largest voting bloc in the UN at 57 countries.  Many of those are oil-rich countries that sway the votes of other nations, Israel be damned.

If all comes to pass, and ceding 1967 borders to the Palestinians is the final vote, it will erupt into full scale war. Israel has no option, but to defend itself from ultimate annihilation which the Palestinians have been determined to achieve for the last 63 years.

I have been asserting for three years, that Mr. Obama has been covertly working behind the scenes to support the Palestinians toward that goal, all the while presenting a veneer that he supports Israel. Three years ago, there was a plethora of reports following investigations that Obama’s campaign was receiving millions under the table from the mid-east for his election. (Not to mention multiple frauds perpetrated by ACORN and non-existent donors) Such kind of fund raising is not blind, it’s done for a purpose.

It also brings to mind numerous articles I and many others have written, pointing out that Mr. Obama has pursued a hidden agenda since the day he was elected, in support of the Palestinian cause over Israel, but too few Americans cared to pay attention.

The mainstream news chooses to focus on the budget, the economy, the war in Afghanistan and such, which are all distractions while Israel braces for the fight of its life, a la Barack Obama and the purveyors of Israeli hatred.

Why now?

Here’s the way I see it. Like all politicians, Obama has promises to keep, and time might be running out. Without a guarantee that he’ll be reelected, he only has until the end of next year to make good his commitments to the Muslim world, especially as it relates to Israel. Even if he is not reelected, he will have set forces in motion for the next administration to deal with, including a Muslim Brotherhood-governed Egypt and/or other mid-east countries.

On July 26th, the United Nations may be voting to establish borders for the Palestinian state, borders that will shrivel Israel to 12 miles wide, and glean half the city of Jerusalem. From the Golan Heights on the east, Israel will be a sitting duck while Hamas and Hezbollah let loose with barrages of rockets from the north and the south.

The only thing that can save Israel, is a veto by the United States on the UN Security council.

Will this president authorize such a veto?

Connecting the dots even further, the recent uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia, Bahrain, Syria and Jordan were, in my opinion, no coincidence. Uprisings were disguised to look like a civil rights movements with young people demanding rights and jobs. In truth, they were minions of the Muslim Brotherhood who have their sights set on dominating every nation in the mid-east in their quest to establish a Caliphate.

Now that Egypt is under the notorious, jihad-based Muslim Brotherhood, the borders from Egypt to Gaza are open, and Israel is in more jeopardy than ever. (Remember, Mubarak upheld the peace treaty with Israel and had outlawed the MB — but Obama called for his removal).

So, the stage is set for the death of Israel:

Egypt, under the MB, can and will no longer be a player in protecting Israel

The 1979 peace treaties that have protected Israel are no longer worth the paper they are signed on.

An American president has already made his move publically by demanding Israel cede land to the untenable 1967 borders that will, in Mr. Netanyau’s words, make that small country indefensible.

Other Muslim nations in the mid-east are caught up in turmoil.

The U.S. and NATO are distracted toward Lybia. (Remember, Obama campaigned on decrying any unprovoked war)

Palestinians are in a position to achieve their demands without recognizing Israel’s right to exist. If they get their way, Israel will be smaller, and no peace treaty will exist. The charters of Hezbollah and Hamas will still be dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish state. The Palestinian Authority has aligned themselves with Hamas. Only, now they are more emboldened than ever.

It ain’t good, folks.

Former U.N. American Ambassador, John Bolton, is of the opinion that the U.S. will veto any such U.N. resolution. (See link) I’m not so sure.

What can you do? Call/write your senators, congressmen, newspapers. Send messages like this throughout the country. Encourage everyone to express their undying support of the State of Israel and to demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist.

This is NOT about partisan politics. This is about standing up for Israel, and standing up for America.

We wait.

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